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The Seven Kingdoms - a total conversion mod, transforming Crusader Kings 2 into the World of Ice and Fire. Set during the Age of Petty Kings, or 6500

Permissions and credits
Feature Highlight:
  • Fully playable in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer!
  • A rich and detailed custom resource and building system (with 1200 unique buildings handled via many trees).
  • A brand new map, featuring 1600 provinces, focused on Westeros and Essos, created with painstaking detail.
  • Number of custom terrain textures and an array of new terrain types, with many more planned down the line.
  • A number of new traits with custom icons and effects. Many traits have been modified, whilst age now also has a bigger impact on gameplay. Average lifespan is also longer, so long as disease, war or famine doesn't take you first.
  • A huge selection of characters and houses to pick and choose from, from the Hammer of Justice to the Viceroy of Valyria. Many custom CoA, thanks to contributions from a number of people (especially Moen!).
  • A fully 3D wall, stretching from coast to coast, brought to you by Adramelech!
  • Yearly seasonal cycle, but with heavily reduced impact versus vanilla.
  • King <-> King fealty system, allowing the creation of unions based on who is swearing the oath, or simple dynamic titles if none exists. Only between players, however.
  • Custom governments and more.
  • Lots of raiders, from the Pirate Isles, The Sisters, Skagos to the Iron Isles.
  • Many new cultures and religions, including a wide variety of Seven Heresies.
  • Unique Governments and mechanics for the Valyrian Freehold, Wildlings and the Night's Watch.
  • Over-extension mechanic, punishing you for directly taking provinces outside of a duchy under your control

  • All DLCs are recommended (although the base game is free, we rely on many premium features introduced to the game through said DLCs)
  • Age of Heroes bookmark is a heavily work in progress.