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3.2.1 Compatible.
1. Remove India (Removes all Indian provinces from the game)
2. Flat Map (Makes the map flat)
3. Nontransparent Map (Makes several map modes nontransparent)
4. Disable Sounds and Music

Permissions and credits
Performance mods for Crusader Kings II. Compatible with version 3.2.1

The mods can be used independently of each other. Endorse if you enjoy using them :)

1. Remove India - Removes all Indian provinces (227 provinces in total) from the game, giving a significant performance boost (you can still play as a character of any of the Indian cultures, by using Ruler Designer).
2. Flat Map - Makes the map flat.
3. Nontransparent Map - Removes transparency from several map mods, making them simply solid colors.
4. Disable Sounds and Music - Removes every sound and music track from the game (from the vanilla game, as well as any DLCs). They are not simply silenced, they are not loaded into the game at all.

To install any of the mods:

After downloading:
Extract the zip archive using Winrar, 7-Zip or any other similar program.
Then place the .mod file and mod folder with the same name in:
*Drive Letter*(Usually C) :\Users\ *Your user name* \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\
(If such a folder does not exist, create it yourself)
In addition, make sure to activate the mod in the launcher by ticking the box next to the mod.

Note 1: If the game crashes delete the map folder and gfx folder in:
*Drive Letter*(Usually C) :\Users\ *Your user name* \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\
They will be re-generated by the game.
Note 2: If you are using other mods make sure they don't overwrite the same files or my mod might become unusable.

Performance Tips:

You can remove (by deleting them or putting them in a backup folder) most of the files in *Crusader Kings II game folder*>map>terrain for a performance boost/less memory usage/less VRAM usage.

Note: Removing the above files will make the |Terrain| map mode almost completely black (removing textures).
Be careful not to remove files with "border", "occupation", "portage" or "strait" (to be extra safe, or if you are having issues avoid removing " and") in their name or the borders will be replaced with thick black lines (well, unless you want that).
Removing will only remove the Fog of War clouds animations (the fog of war will still be there, just not animated).
I recommend using the Nontransparent Map mod file if you plan on removing the above files.

Besides lowering the resolution and multisampling, disabling VSync and province embellishment in the options menu. You can also tweak for more performance your settings.txt located in:
*Drive Letter*(Usually C) :\Users\ *Your user name* \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\

Open the file scroll down until you see mapRenderingOptions.
Replace yes with no on the features you want to disable.

draw_terrain=yes (do not disable it)
draw_water=no (disabling it should give a performance boost, using my flat map mod file is recommended as some parts of the map, where the water was previously displayed, are black if the map is not flat, but you can still disable it without using the flat map mod file if you don't mind those parts)
draw_borders=yes (do not disable it)
draw_trees=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)
draw_rivers=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)
draw_postfx=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)
draw_sky=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)
draw_bloom=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)
draw_tooltips=yes (do not disable it)
draw_hires_terrain=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)
draw_citysprawl=no (disabling it should give a performance boost)

If you still have noticeable performance issues you can try disabling the DLCs that are not necessary for your playing experience or current playthrough. 
In my tests disabling all the DLCs I had lowered the memory usage by around 100 MB, but I am guessing the decrease was mostly due to disabling some of the Graphic DLCs (portrait and coat of arms) and maybe due to disabling some of the Music DLCs.

If your performance issues are a result of a large number of characters, try changing the game rules relating to epidemics to make them more deadly and frequent.

If you are running low on memory, increase the paging file in your operating system. You can find guides on how to do this online.

Script that might improve performance if used correctly:

Remove Courtiers - by piInverse. I found this while browsing reddit. It is a decision to make excessive low-stat adult no-name courtiers, which have no position or relation to you, "disappear" (well, they will be shown as if they were executed by you). To use it you would need to create a custom .txt decision in your decision folder and save the contents inside. There is no localisation, so if you do not create one the decision will appear in your intrigue tab as toggle_removal_decisions. If it seems you cannot kill anyone you can modify the decision yourself and remove some of the requirements that prevent you from using it.

Old and Incompatible Mod - Only Europe (Only usable with Crusader Kings 2 Version 2.8.X):

Only Europe (Mostly) - Removes 629 provinces from the game. Almost 1/2 of all provinces in game, leaving only most of Europe and some other small kingdoms near it playable.

It is a more extreme version of my first mod. I have tested it and have not had any crashes for ~50 in-game years, however more likely than not, the results might vary and it might be unstable, as it probably brakes the game a lot more than the first mod (ex a lot of religion's now do not have as many holy sites). I have tested it and have not had any issues, but I cannot give any guarantees that events will not brake or the game will not crash.

To be on the safe side, avoid playing at years close to or/and disable events, through the game rules, that relate to these disabled empires & kingdoms. When first selecting a county/duchy/kingdom to play as, some parts of the map, for example the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula (which is not disabled) will be unselectable and appear black on the map, but after you start the game it will go back to normal. You may receive an event, during your playthrough that "X(a disabled empire/kingdom/part of the world) is ravaged by plagues". You can safely ignore it. The mod is provided as is, as I cannot fix every minor bug, but I will try to fix any major issues you may face that might break the game completely.

List of disabled empires and kingdoms:

Empire Tier -
India (Rajastan, Bengal Empire & Deccan Empire), Mali, Abyssinia, Tartaria, Persian Empire, Arabian Empire, Tibet.
Kingdom Tier -
Perm from Russia, Georgia from the Byzantine Empire, Armenia from the Byzantine Empire"

See the image in the images tab to get a better understanding of what has not been disabled.
If you plan on using this mod, do not download/activate Remove India.


Remove India:
V1.0 - Initial release.
V2.0 - Fixed a crash that happened when saving on the 1066 start date.
V2.X - Update.

Everything else:
V1.X - Intial release or update.

Bug Reports: 

If you notice any bugs using my mod, please report them I will try my best to fix them. 
Do not add any bug reports if you are using any other mods simultaneously, it's most likely a file conflict and as such try disabling the other mods you are using.
Do not add bug reports if you are using an older version of the game.
If you add a bug report, please include as much information as possible.