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A mod which changes the land percentage required for creation of titles to 50 percent as opposed to 51 percent. This mod only changes the percentage needed for creation of titles not usurpation.

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Have you ever been upset that you need to have 51% of the de jure land to create a title? Do you miss and yearn for the old days when you could have 50% of the de jure land and create a title? Are your plans for world domination frequently foiled by that pesky 1% extra land that you need? Do you find yourself constantly murdering your siblings in order to gain one nettlesome, unimportant, obscure county in order to create a far more glorious duchy? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this mod just might be for you. 

Fear not! Sleepyspork has your antidote! Presenting the 50% Title Creation Mod! With this mod, you no longer need 51% of the land in a de jure title, you just need 50%. 

For example, if you have 2 counties and the duchy you are trying to form has 4, then you only need those 2 counties to form the duchy. Without this mod, you would need one of the remaining two counties. 

Note: This mod only lowers the de jure land required down to 50% for duchies and kingdoms, empires still require 80%. This mod only lowers the de jure land required down to 50% for creation of titles, not usurpation. 

Side effects of this mod include, but are not limited too: Less frustration, more happiness, and more addiction to one of the greatest games out there. 

Enjoy. ;)