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Edits some basic game settings like ship levy maintenance, portrait age, etc to be a bit more realistic.

Permissions and credits

- AGOT 1.5

- AGOT 1.0
- AGOT 0.9.6
- AGOT 0.9.3

Compatible with anything that doesnt alter defines.lua


Reworked for the AGOT 1.5 Version some new changes, some rather experimental

This mod is a tweaked defines.lua that changes a bunch of variables that I thought were either so underused that they meant nothing in terms of gameplay,  or unrealistic to the point of irritation.

I won't list all the changes here because I already have them listed in the change log tab above, so feel free to browse the list and download if you like it.

Some highlights maybe,

 - Increased Army movement speed, siege speed, and supply through occupied territory

 - Edited portrait ages so you don't look 100 when you turn 50, or 50 when you turn 30.
 - Increased the cost of truce breaking

 - Increased prestige gains from creating titles, if you found an empire people will pay some mind

 - Reduced maintenance cost of fleets, because they were absolutely ridiculous

And tons more

- there is a decent chance that some of the edits wont work as they should, or crash, as i have only tested this for about a half hour so far, if
there are problems  let me know and i'll see if it can be fixed


Add the zip contents ( mod folder and .mod file) to the folder:

"yourdrive:\Users\yourname\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod"

Activate in launcher

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