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Alters the still in the cellar of Albia to feed creatures a little when they push it. Non-alcoholic, alcoholic and dancing variants included.

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Inspired by Jessica's C1 COBs, and a discussion Jessica and Lone Shee have had about the Island Carrot Vendor's mechanism, I have experimented with adding the ability for creatures to push the distillery in the cellar.  The Island Carrot Vendor does not create a carrot, but instead feeds the creature that pushes it directly, so I thought I'd add that ability to the hootch still.

After Jessica reviewed my still alteration, I have altered it to be a bit more generous with its bounty of chemicals.  I have also included three variants.

All variants include:
  • 40 Hunger decrease
  • 20 Need for Pleasure decrease
  • 40 Starch
The Alcoholic variation includes 5 Alcohol with each sip, and the Dancing variation includes 15 Purple Mountain Alcohol/Dancing.  There is also a plain, non-alcoholic variation.

The remover script will restore your still to its previous state.  This mod won't make too much of a dint in a norn's hunger if they are in the red, but it may save lives in a pinch - and it is more consistent with the Island Carrot Vendor.

 I recommend using the still alteration with Muppetboy's Bees and Hives Upgrade 2 as that updates the beehives to give a slurp of honey with each push, giving even greater consistency between vendors in C1. 

As only Muppetboy's Yin Yang Norns have instincts to use vendors, I recommend explicitly teaching your creatures how to use the still at first, particularly if they've had a run-in with the beehives.