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Drag & drop the content of the archives into the "Archives" folder of your game installation folder.


restore the bumper_atvi.bk2 and rename/remove the update.pak file to restore the game to vanilla

This mod aims to change almost every single SFX of the game, and the soundtracks in game form the original playstation titles.

Known bugs: some SFX are shared, like TNT and nitro explosions and the guy with the sword making the struggle sound. Nothing much can be done about it for now.

Showcase of the changes is in the video section

PS1 music redone as well as the originals for each level.
Tomb village sword guy sound like PSX (eeeio)
PSX sounds, Added retro long spin, shake retro and sound of effort with retro sword.
New initial logo: N.Sane Retrò
Compressed all in one update.pak file. Drag & drop ina rchives folder.
PSX sound explosions nitro and tnt
changed death sound from nitro and from tnt / enemies for both angels like PSX
changed eel sound in crash 2 sewer levels
changed polar sounds in warp room and level.
sound changed water in the sewers
changed ice walk sound
changed sound aku aku when you lose the mask
changed warped monkey sound in tomb time like levels
changed warped portal sounds when you press the buttons and you get away
changed spawn / character swap crash sounds 2
changed wumpa sounds
changed cortex level sounds to warped like PSX
changed bazooka sounds to warped like PSX (aside the laser tracking sound, it's a bit messed up by the handling of the game)
warp room 6 warped sounds like PSX (scanning, portal opening for NPC's)
sound aku aku (burdega)

Added crash 2 door sound
added PSX woah death sound

Changed intro menu sounds Sounds Birds PSX
Bird sounds and barrier breaking in Dino Might
Triceratops sound dino might
steam sound dino might
Spinning fish sound dino might
Sounds escalators and lasers in Future Frenzy
UFO future frenzy sound
sound spine frenzy
enemy sound with neon
N.tropy sound platform
dingodile sounds
Rock It laser level sounds
Sounds knob and water level in warped level
Crash 2 platform warp room sounds like PSX
Lizard sound in night fight and other levels that use this character now has PSX sound.

V3.0 - Overhaul Crash 2 and 3 NPC sounds
-Bounce on enemies
-Sewer rat
-Lab shield NPC struggle sound
-Pistons in piston it away
-penguin spin and head shar, seal bark
-Porcupine spikes sound
-Eel under pressure
-Pufferfish Underpressure
-Lab NPC death scream.
-Schimitar arabian NPC
-Arabian Carpet sound for enemy in Warped
-Scorpion sound in arabic levels
-Fire sound for Arsonist in warped
-Arabic baboon sound for jar movement and hit
-Arabic sword thrower
-Crash 2 platform sound
-Fixed crash 2 warp room distortion music.

V4.0 Changelog:
-Bee Sound crash 2
-Plant sound in beehaving like levels
-Slowtraps in crash 2
-Electric barrirer sounds.
-Hunter shoot sounds in Beehaving like levels with rifle
-Bite sound for plants in crash 2
-Hippo sound crash 2
-Fixed mole sound playing for plant and other animal spawn from the ground
-Big Bear Sound crash 2
-N.Tropy Sounds
-Cobra sound warped
-Crocodile sound warped
-Flamethrower sound warped
-Lever sound warped
-Dart fire sound in tomb time like levels
-Spear slideout in tomb time like levels
-Wizard attack sounds in warped
-Icicles sound changes in crash 2
-Trex sounds in warped
-Cortex beeping like tnt and tnt explosion for mines in warped boss like PSX

-Fixed croppy spin and slide for crash, now it's like PSX, both short and long.

V4.0 Minor Tweaks
-Aku Aku invincibility song
-Relic sound
-Crash 1 token sound

V5.0 Changelog:

-Crab sound
-Rolling stone
-Torch sound
-Village spike logs
-Spinning platform
-Hog sound
-Stone platforms shared with stonepushers
-Robot camera bleep
-Crawler robot
-SPiked robot
-STeam vents
-Gangster in cortex power
-Toxic waste barrel
-!Box activate
-Crate Reveal
-Water death
-Hoverboard sounds crash 2

5.0 Intro Tweak
Replaced activision logo intro with sony playstation intro.
Reworked Mod Logo.
Removed custom skins for Coco and pura.

5.1 Texture Tweak
-Changed Jetpack color from white to green like PSX one.
-Tweaked a bit aku feather colors to be more closer to PSX one.
-Reduced mod size from 600mb to 200mb, removed all unnecessary files.

5.2 - SFX Update

Time trial sounds from PSX (start, stop clock)
Bear it level when crash falls in water sound
Bear yelp when falling in water.
fall whistle sound
door sounds in tomb time.
tomb wader spinning stonegate sound.
Fire death sound.

5.3 - SFX Update
PSX  Beam sound Aku-Uka in cortex boss
PSX initial loop clash sound in cortex boss for aku-uka explosion.
PSX Intro press start sounds from crash 1.
PSX aku aku voice and menu sound while pressing start.
PSX Menu selection sounds.
PSX spin end sound. Removed init spin sound like PSX.
PSX Polar jump sound
PSX body slam start sound.
PSX cortex plasma blast impact sound.

5.4 - SFX and hotfix update:

All the SFX that were extremely low in audio were increased, so now players can hear the general sound effects properly.

All the soundtracks have been fixed in their loops for main levels, bonuses, gems and bosses.

Fixed CB2 level spawn sound when was playing both the OG and remake sound (divided in two parts)

Fixed CB2 warp entrance distortion sound

checkpoint sound from PSX when fading in/out

CB 3 Lava sound

CB 3 special warp room scan start sound

CB 3 under pressure fan spin

CB 3 underwater lab assistant sound in bone yard level

CB 3 bone yard grass break sound

CB 2 Door sound eel deal

CB 3 Crash plane spin

CB 3 Crash plane shots

CB 3 Hog ride turbo sound

CB 3 Hog ride bike crash against cars

CB 3 Hog ride bike drift sound

CB 3 Hog ride police sirene

CB 3 Frog sound

CB 3 Goat sound

CB 3 Frog kiss

CB 3 N.tropy ball loop

CB 3 N.Trophy crash disintegration death

CB 3 N.tropy intro with clock sound

CB 3 scuba mask speed

CB 3 scuba mask shot

CB 3 Future frenzy disc flips

CB 3 Orient express lifting guys

CB 3 Jump on pura sound

CB 3 Tiny tiger boo crowd

CB 3 Tomb time mummy fall on crash

CB 3 Tomb time mummy sarcophagus destruction

CB 3 Tomb time mummy sound

CB 3 Tomb time mummy attack

CB 3 Tomb time falling floor sound.

PSX ripper roo laugh for all languages

PSX Lab assistant scream and grunt for all languages

PSX crash woah for all languages

CB 2 blue net sound in sewer levels where crash hangs

CB 2 Orca water splash sound

CB 3 N.Gin minigun charge

CB 3 N.Gin minigun loop

CB 3 N.Gin and Coco ships damage

CB 3 Crash plane damage

CB 3 N.Gin missle shot

Water puddle steps

snow footsteps

metal surface footsteps

water splash steps

rock steps

wood steps

CB 3 Future frenzy turbo spin platform sound

PSX TNT Sound and countdown (does NOT modify the ripper roo CB2 boss TNT sound and bear it like levels)

CB 3 Scuba mask bullet explosions

CB 3 coco ship shots

CB 3 Dingodile hit sound

CB 3 tiny Trex sound corrected

CB1 ripper roo boss music corrected

CB 3 shark movement

CB 3 shark attack

CB 3 Future Frenzy Robot sounds (shot, flip, activation)