Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

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yes, YES! In the dark ocean of my intellect swims a magnificent whale of a skin!
Before you rises a cathedral of diabolical genius!

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This is just a simble redesign of Cortex´s base model. Now resembling (as much as I could) its Twinsanity Design 

For now the model works fine, the only issue is that Cortex keeps his normal design on Bears Repeating during the Polar bear segment.

The mod looks fine in the cutscenes and the rest of the death animations. (Maybe his giant N will clip trough his head but is nothing to worry about)

This mod also includes a separate like called BlasterSoundTwinsanity.pak which replaces the shooting sounds with the Twinsanity SFX

How to install:

Go to(Main Game Folder)\Lava\Content\Paks
and then create a folder with this name: "~mods"

Drag the Skin_CortexTwinsanity.pak/ BlasterSoundTwinsanity.pak file into the folder and enjoy! <3