Crackdown 3
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Stats Revamped, Ai Tweaked, Guns Enhanced and Hardcore Difficulty? Try your luck here!

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Hardcore Mode (still labeled Rookie):
Whether solo or co-op, Rookie difficulty has been rebalanced to be much more realistic and fast paced.
Players deal 3x damage to their enemies... BUT enemies deal 4x-5x more damage in return!
Now fresh agents and maxed out agents alike will be tested to their limits.

Feel like a true superhuman agent as you speed across town.
Movement speeds and jump heights have been increased across each tier.
You'll obtain double and triple jumps far sooner... and even a quadruple jump! Maybe even higher than that..

Throwing speeds increased across each tier.
Your enemies will never see that rock coming.

Flare now spawns more friendly Ai.
Command a small squad as you increase your explosives stat.

The Accuracy of each gun has been increased, some guns rebalanced.
You could shoot the wings off a fly.

Combat Ai should move faster/Throw more grenades/Car traffic should be dense and faster
Keyword: SHOULD... I'm not sure.

install: place .pak file into AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.48248D2C77101_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Nimbus\Saved\Paks