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Weapon MOD that adds lightsabers.

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[h1] The Forsaken Sabers ID: 2283603326 [/h1]
A New type of "Energy" Weapons
This mod adds a new weapon appearance, crafting station, and thrall. There are three level tiers designed to work with the standard level 60 cap servers as well as servers that use various level 300+ level cap  Mods. This mod does not increase your level past 60. The weapon damage is scaled based on level and should blend well. Works with all maps.
[h1] More features to follow. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. I am always looking for feedback. Enjoy the Mod? Hit that like button! [/h1]
[h1] Three Different Weapon Types: [/h1]
[h1] Six Interchangeable Blade Colors: [/h1]
[h1] Weapon Tiers [/h1]
-Basic: Level 60 required
-Specialist: Level 60 required
-Master: Level 150 required
-Grand Master: level 300 required
[h1] New Crafting Station [/h1]
All new weapons are craftable and learned through the new feat. New crafting stations added. New crafting components, both looted and crafted.
[h1] New Crafting Thrall [/h1]
New crafting thrall for each major tier: Specialist, Master, Grand Master. Each tier has a Damage, Durability, and Penetration boosting thrall. Each thrall tier will only craft their weapon specialty.
[h1] Let me know what you think! [/h1]
Feel free to post comments and use the discussion sections. I also have a discord channel! I encourage server owners who use the Mod to join the discord. It is the best way to contact me.
[h1] Lore [/h1]
*Suggested* Conan Exiles friendly lore direction: Aside from the obvious appearance inspiration, I wanted to provide my idea of how to incorporate these weapons into the world of Conan Exiles. This is only my suggestion and you can do you. A Cult/tribe/faction has been worshiping/studying the cursewall for generations and has discovered some of its secrets. They have managed to harness the energy from the cursewall and use it to create these weapons.
[h1] Disclaimer: [/h1]
Use at your own risk. Make sure to backup your server prior to using.