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Changes the growth rate of ore as it's painfully slow
Silos and Refinerys have double capacity.

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Uploaded in case peeps wanted it for the Origin Edition.

Changes the growth rate of ore as it's painfully slow - Addressed in latest patch
Silos and Refinerys have double capacity. - Not affected, still works.

The gif above was recorded with I think 0.1 (atm it's set to 0.7) // Original is 2

Seems there is a bug, where you save a skirmish with mods, reload without the mods, but they still work.

Note: This changes the RULES.INI - if you have another mod that uses this, you can either add my changes to the mod or visa vera. I've marked the changes, so you can see what I've changed. Use notepad/++ use find 'hypnos' for all changes.

EDIT:: As of 6th August, the newest patch to C&C has addressed ore growth, found in the ingame rules. The mod will still work if the slider is set to one, as seen above in image. As far as I can tell +1 on slider & mod will still be 0.7 faster. If you move the slider to +9 & mod, well it will be pretty damn fast as I've tested. Silo & Refinery are still double capacity, a plus if you continue with this mod. It's completely up to you now if you use the mod as +9 without mod is fast enough, but each to their own.

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