Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
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Probably the largest total conversion project for Red Alert 3 at the moment. Entropy greatly expands the gameplay and universe in a lore-friendly way.

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Three new playable factions, three new singleplayer/co-op stories, lots of new units with hard research behind each one, many new maps and game modes, and everything are lore-friendly - this is what Entropy Mod about.

Entropy features (Current version: 0.4.0):

  • A new story including three new singleplayer/co-op campaigns based on RA3 and Uprising events (15%)
  • Three new playable factions with unique base building systems, playstyles, and overall design (15%)
  • Improved balance to achieve fair Multiplayer (75%)
  • New game modes (30%)
  • Revised top-secret protocols (5%)
  • Revised base buildings (5%)
  • New Skirmish/Multiplayer maps including Uprising maps (50%)
  • Advanced AI (5%)
  • New gameplay features (25%)
  • ...and more!
(The percentage of each feature shows it's progressing at this stage of development)

Our team and vacancies:

Current developers:

  • Administrator - idea, lore, code, maps, art, wiki

  • Soviet_Conscript - Concept art
  • Bob-Soviet - French translation
If you want to join my project, please message me. I need:

  • 3D Modelers
  • Mappers
  • Artists
  • XML/LUA coders
  • Translators