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Adds a menu to manually override face morphs and eye position.

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Player Face Morph Control

Requires my blueprint loader and Ishtar !

Adds a menu to manually override face morphs and eye position allowing you to give the player any expression whenever you want.
Once the mod is installed use F9 to open and close the menu, works in normal gameplay and in photo mode however morphs won't
change if the game is paused in photo mode, you'll have to unpause and pause the game again.

Each bar controls a different morph on the face or uv offset of the eyes. while a morph is being controlled by the menu it will override
everything else in the game that will try to control that morph so things like blinking won't affect it. The "Disable All Morphs" option
will, as it says, disable all the morphs from being adjusted by the game and not just the ones currently controlled but the menu.
The "Clear Morphs" button will resets all the options in the menu and restore control of the morphs to the game.

Note, this menu won't try to limit which morphs can be active at the same time,
it's up to you to make your character as pretty or as ugly as you want.

Automatic (Recommend)
Download the file with Vortex, install it, sort the load order if needed, and then hit Deploy
Extract the Zip and copy the .pak file into your "~mods" folder,
found in "..\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods", if that folder doesn't exist just create one yourself

! Quick start guide for Ishtar !
Download the zip file from the release tab NOT the green "Code" button
Extract the zip file anywhere you like and run the Ishtar.exe, if you see an Ishtar.sln, you downloaded the wrong file.
change the path at the top to your "~mods" folder using the "..." button.
Then click the big merge tables button and wait for it to say "done" at the bottom of the log.

Uninstalling standalone mods mid game while your character is using them my cause issues. Using the mod online may also cause issues.
Always remember to make a backup save and or play offline whenever possible.

Feel free to support me on Patreon or directly through PayPal.
Follow me on Twitter for semi regular updates whenever I remember to post.
Having issues with one of my mods? Join the Code Vein modding Discord:, I'm more likely to see and respond there.