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Gives Io a stage magician's outfit

Permissions and credits
Magician Io by Mattatatta
Version 1.0

This mod replaces Io's default appearance with a stage magician's outfit, and is planned to be expanded to replace all other outfits in the future!

=== Key Features ===

  • All-new outfit and blood veil replacer
  • Modular implementation designed to not interfere with other Io mods that may be installed. Once other outfit slot options are released, you will be able to mix and match your Io mods!
  • Red eyes, communal gift glow, and facial animations are all working as standard.

=== Coming soon ===

  • Replacer options for each of Io's outfits.
  • Alternate coloured textures optional file.
  • Separate "Veils-Only" optional file in case you want to combine the capelet and dapper top hat with a different Io outfit.

=== Possible features ===

  • A "Hatless-Veil" option, if desired

=== Known Issues ===

  • Due to how the developers appear to have built most of the scenes involving Io (ex: Io's Determination) there are occasions where the game glitches Io's original vanilla texture onto her instead of using the correct textures. Fixing this would mean breaking all of the Attendants, so I've left it as-is.

=== Compatibility notes ===

  • This mod is designed to only change Io's clothing and skin textures per outfit, and is constructed to not unintentionally break textures for other costumes. Other Io mods that change vanilla textures such as eyes, hair, and face will likely have an effect on this mod.
  • This mod replaces Io's body model and her veil model by default.
  • The body model is not intended have hooded veils paired with it - minor hair clipping will occur.

=== Installation ===

  1. Download the V1 Core file from the Main File section. This file is required, and will be the heart of all other files.
2. From the Optional Files section, download the plugins for outfits you want to replace. (Currently there is only Io & Cutscene)
3. Navigate to where your copy of Code Vein is installed, and go to:
If the "~mods" folder does not exist, create it yourself.
4. Place the .pak files inside the ~mods folder.
- Do not rename the files, they are named in such a way to load in the correct order and may cause a crash if tampered.
5. Install done!

To uninstall the mod, delete the .pak file(s).

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