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Colorful button prompts for Xbox Series, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, and PS4.

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This mod adds color to Code Vein's button prompts and some all-new designs for new and old controllers:

Xbox Series / Xbox One
Xbox 360

Nintendo Switch controllers require additional setup, so I've made a separate mod for Switch button prompts.


  1. Download either the Modern or Retro version of this mod, depending on your controller.
  2. Place the downloaded PAK file in your CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods folder. If this folder doesn't exist, create it.
  3. Launch Code Vein and enjoy your new button prompts!

If the game shows the wrong button prompts (this is common if you are using Steam Input or DS4Windows), download the alternate file (Forced Prompts) and use the PAK that matches your controller instead.