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Adds new, separate playable level with boss rush arena.
Features 17 bosses, collectible trophies and leaderboards.

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Boss Rush Arena

This mod adds a brand new and separate level with functional boss rush arena. There's not much more to it besides containing a green screen room for all your green screening needs.
The arena features 17 bosses encountered during storyline, optional leaderboards and collectible trophies based on the amount of attempts it took to reach given boss.

Additionally in an effort to incentivize further modding of the game, i provide an optional download of UE4 (4.18.3) project files that contain full source material that was used to create this mod.

Drop pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_1_P.pak from the .zip file into your steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks folder. If you already have a file with same name then rename mod to next available number, eg. _2_P.pak, etc.

  1. Boot the game
  2. Load a save file
  3. Go to the home base and interact with the hatch in the basement
As a side note i recommend not using npc partner in this level, they won't move and will glitch boss AI when they switch targets. To be specific - stop partnering with your current NPC partner BEFORE loading this level.

Also, to exit the level use EXIT doorway instead of  Save and Return to Title Screen option in the mistle menu.


As of version 1.2, Boss Rush Arena has opt-in leaderboards.
To participate and submit Your score upon completing the arena You need to set Your username by typing in ce setname yourname in console.
Your username needs to be shorter than 14 characters and not contain any profanities. If Your username is accepted, you will see it on top of the ingame scoreboard. Without setting Your username Your score will not be submitted.

Leaderboards can be viewed HERE(CLICK), alternatively you can type in ce scores in console while ingame to also visit the leaderboards.

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