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In the game, Oliver will die. This script allows the player to summon Oliver again as a companion.
1. Start the script. 2. Choose any companion. 3. Oliver appeared.
It's that simple.
Warning: This is a kind of cheating and illegal behavior, it is not officially promoted, please pay attention to its use.

Permissions and credits
Oliver is a great guy, and he should have his own adventure. This script allows you to make Oliver adventure in more places through external modification.

How To Use:
The script contains instructions and you must prepare a Cheat Engine.

When you summon Oliver, you can close the script without having to keep it open. As long as you do not replace it (or the game does not help you replace it), you will always have him.

When you accidentally changed it, open the game next time and try again.
I hope you will like Oliver.

Use warning:
This content may violate the official relevant official license (Disassembly is not allowed).
The game does not have officially supported Mod functions(Its features come from the engine).
You must comply with the license of the relevant tools and procedures.

Gameplay warning:
This content may be considered cheating.
Since there is no official mod constraint, the content is not verified when online, so there will be differences in data between players.

Author warning:
Don't take Oliver to multiplayer games with unfamiliar players, it will be confusing.
Don't use this mod to disrupt other players' gaming experience and cause trouble to others.
If you take video or screenshot with this, you should tag your content to let players avoid doubts about the content of the game.

Please abide by public order and good customs, and refrain from behaviors that are damaging to morals.

The purpose of this section is to protect the rights of each party.
This content is an unofficial work from a third party, please do so at your own risk.
The problems caused by your personal use and related actions have nothing to do with the official, related content and the author.
If you use this content, it means that you agree and understand the above warnings.

The copyright of the content is clear and does not need to be explained.

Bandai Namco and Shift! Thanks for creating the game!
Related tools and libraries.
Every modders and players´╝ü

Technical Details:
Search memory through enumeration, and use the automatic assembly function of Cheat Engine to write code to achieve this.

Other information:
Based on hobbies and rich game content, I made this content.
If you have any questions, please contact me:[email protected]
Or visit my homepage:
Have fun!

Please add instructions and original address for reprinting, and assume your own responsibility.
If you want to reprint the content, please add a description and original address, and assume your own responsibility.
The description is based on a translator and may be biased, so the final interpretation right is reserved.