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Brings Final Journey Skill back to its glory ! 3min Duration Instant quick Mobility !

Permissions and credits
READ => Final Journey Gets 3min Duration and gives Instant Quick Mobility rather than +1 up on mobility <=
Well this is more like a Re-Patch Files are from the 1.2ver of the game so you can just keep Final Woke 

Place the "FinalGlory.pak" into your ~mods folder

Credits :
Just a Re-Patch to avoid their ridicilious NERF (Only effects Final Journey nothing else)

Known Issues:
1) Doesn't Work On Multiplayer unless you are HOST or  both sides have the mod
(Quick mobility works but Duration will be redurced to 1min on other people's game who doesn't have the mod)

on discord I am known as "Telli#5371
Code Vein Discord Server:
Code Vein Modding Server: 

To install, place the .pak file inside .7z into Steam\steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods
extract .pak file into "~mods" folder if you don't have "~mods" create it inside "Paks" folder and place files inside