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Shinoa Hiiragi's Scythe from Owari No Seraph anime Replacing any halbert of your choice !

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Pick a weapon of your choice like "ShinoaScytheToArgentWolfPoleaxe.pak" alternatively you can install all weapons if you wish

-No Base For this mod

ShinoaScytheToArgentWolfPoleaxe.pak -> Replaces Argent Wolf Poleaxe
ShinoaScytheToAssassinsSickle.pak -> Replaces Assassin's Sickle 
ShinoaScytheToBardiche.pak -> Replaces Bardiche
ShinoaScytheToBlackHalbert.pak -> Replaces Black Halbert
ShinoaScytheToCureleanSpear.pak -> Replaces Curelean Spear (DLC)
ShinoaScytheToDammerung.pak -> Replaces Dammerung and Garnet Splitter (Io will also use if you use this pack)
ShinoaScytheToImpaler.pak -> Replaces Impaler
ShinoaScytheToLostHalbert.pak -> Replaces Lost Bardiche
ShinoaScytheToObliterator.pak -> Replaces Obliterator 
ShinoaScytheToQueenSlayerHalbert.pak -> Replaces Queen Slayer Halbert
ShinoaScytheToSunsetHalbert.pak -> Replaces Sunset

-No Patches For This Mod

Credits :
Larity On discord for helping me sort few things also being cute
Weapon is from : Spirit-x-Ninja -> Direct Weapon Link
I have Edited it to fit UE4 And Code Vein

on discord I am known as "Telli#5371
Code Vein Discord Server:
Code Vein Modding Server: 

To install, place the .pak file inside .7z into Steam\steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods
extract .pak file into "~mods" folder if you don't have "~mods" create it inside "Paks" folder and place files inside