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A Collection for Playable Io's Characters, Veils and so on.
An optional mod to replace Obliterator Axe with Io's Halberd.

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This mod using Io Series Veils (6 types from game and dlc) and Characters (8 types from game and dlc) to replace Ivy-type veils and Player's Model, and you can Customize your hair, mask and frame as well.

If you using my Io's Character mod, please leave character as the Default Avatar in Customizaton Menu. 

The Things You Should Known (Known Issues Solution):
1. Io's Character Not Compitable well with Hound-type and Stingert-type Veils due to the lack of some animation.
Solution: It is mainly due to the Io's skeleton does not boud with these both typed veil, so you can use other types to avoid this.

2. In Coorperation Mode, the other female players who dont use default female character will invisible.
Solution: Coorperating with Male players, or Female players who using Default Avatar.

3. Io's Veil Hood can not Cover Her Hair?
Solution: As I shown in picture above, you can choose her hair style in both oringal and gold color to avoid her hair overlap with her veil.

4. Game Crash in Character Customization and so on?
Solution: Remove your using mod which modified the character one by one to testing which one cause the problem.

5. Still getting a bit overlap on the surface of Io's Veils, I will fix them in future.

For Ivy-Type Veils:
1. Night Thorn  -  Dark Ver. (no Thorn)
2. Ivory Grace - Original
3. GXH Assault -  Alternate Ver. (Color 2)
4. Prayer Shawl - Alternate Ver. 
5. Suicide Spur - Alternate Ver. (Color 1)
6. Night Thorn Red -  Dark Ver. (with Thorn)

For Player's Inner (8 Types of inner suit you can choose in Clothing): 
(You can choose type of Io's Hairs to avoid overlap with her Veils Hood)

1. Io's suit.

2. Alternate Ver. 
3. Alternate Ver. (Color 1)
4. Alternate Ver. (Color 2)
5. Dark Ver.
6. Io's suit without bandage (Attendant Suit)
7. Attendant suit with Veil (Please turn on Blood Veil Transparency in game setting, also choose the invisible hair style due to this style already having the hair)
8. Io's Spa Suit.

Also, you can customize your Mask and InnerFrame in menu.

There is an optional mod that will replace Obliterator Axe with Io's Halberd, if you enjoy it, you can download too. 

This is my recommend ENB in game, which will be nicely for this game's atmosphere. Don't forget press "Home" in game then close "MXAO" effect to avoid some strange shadows in Cutscenes.

E3FX for Code Vein Made by Drogean

How to install:
1. Extract the pak file into steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods folder. If  you don't see a ~mods folder (first time using mod, etc), just create one.

Thanks for MicroKnightmare for letting me based on his work to doing this.