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Replaces Weapon Swing Trails With various effects !

Permissions and credits

Effects : > (Video timings are also present in youtube) YOU CAN USE ONLY ONE PACKAGE AT SAME TIME

WTrailsBloodnFireParticles.pak -> Blood With Fire Particles 0:00
WTrailsBloodySwing.pak -> Bloody Swing 0:14
WTrailsBloogRedLightning.pak -> Blood With Red Lightning 0:32
WTrailsFireSwing.pak -> Fire Swing 0:49
WTrailsFireSwingIntense.pak -> Fire Swing Intense 1:08
WTrailsGlowSwingBlue.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Blue 1:27
WTrailsGlowSwingDark.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Dark 1:46
WTrailsGlowSwingGreen.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Green 2:05
WTrailsGlowSwingIndigo.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Purple Indigo 2:26
WTrailsGlowSwingPink.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Pink 2:46
WTrailsGlowSwingRed.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Red 3:05
WTrailsGlowSwingYellow.pak -> Glowy Neon Swing Yellow 3:21
WTrailsIceSwing.pak -> Ice Swing 3:37
WTrailsIceSwingIntense.pak -> Ice Swing Intense 3:53
WTrailsLowRedSwing.pak -> Low Red Blur Swing 4:13
WTrailsPowerSwing.pak -> Power Swing 4:26
WTrailsPUREBLOOD.pak -> Pure Blood 4:39
WTrailsPUREDARKBLOOD.pak -> Pure Dark Blood 4:56
WTrailsPUREQUEENSBLOOD.pak -> Pure Queens Blood (Blue) 5:10
WTrailsRedLightningSwing.pak -> Red Lightning Swing 5:24
WTrailsRedLightningSwingIntense.pak -> Red Lightning Swing Intense 5:35
WTrailsShadowSwing.pak -> Shadow Swing5:53
WTrailsWhiteSwing.pak -> White Swing (With white particles) 6:07
WTrailsYellowBlurSwing.pak -> Yellow Blur Swing 6:27


WTrailsGlowSwingzFASTPATCH.pak -> Incrases Speed of Glowy Neon Swings, Their Trail fades much faster while you are swinging (NOT STANDALONE YOU HAVE TO USE THIS WITH A GLOWYSWING MOD EXAMPLE = WTrailsGlowSwingYellow.pak + WTrailsGlowSwingzFASTPATCH.pak )

Credits :
Requested by "Fire#6569". This mod exists because of his request ! 
Avallankao DED

Testers Notes:

-works with 1 handed swords, hammers, halberds, 2 handed swords, and bayonets (all weapon types)-works with modded weapons that have swing visual (judgement edge extended, scythe of caresses, female lost weaps)
-enemies that shouldnt have swings mod dont (lost with zweihander, fatty lost with zweihdander dont have bloody swings)
-enemies that should have bloody swings do (female lost + queens knight do) Not custom their default swings still work
-companions get Custom Weapon Trails 
-no crashing or anything weird i saw

If this mod isn't working on a weapon mod you got from nexus or somewhere else, that is the said weapon mod's fault, Mod is working perfectly fine with every vanilla sword, axe, 2hand,halbert and my own weapon mods.

on discord I am known as "Telli#5371
Code Vein Discord Server:
Code Vein Modding Server: 

To install, place the .pak file inside .7z into Steam\steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods
extract .pak file into "~mods" folder if you don't have "~mods" create it inside "Paks" folder and place files inside