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"Enhanced" Karen

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Curvy Series
Unit 01 Karen

Put the CurvyKaren_v1.07L.pak file into your ~mods folder.

This mod "enhances" the vanilla body of the NPC Karen.

Since i've learned how to enable facial animations for custom meshes, i'll be updating my older mods with it.

Karen's default model was extracted and edited by me, Kazumashirou.
Special thanks to
-Karbon for the basic tutorial.
-Stealhunt3r_666 for helping me with the PPABP issue for the base model.
-Aneox and Telli for helping me with the morph target issues.

I do not own anything. Code Vein™ and all of it's assets belongs to Bandai Namco™.

...can notify me if there's any issue with the mod

Additional info:
Consider joining the Code Vein Modding Discord as i'll be active over there most of the time with a faster response on your questions or reports.

1) Will you make this mod apply to the player models?
A: Some modders are already in contact with me to make that happen. Wait patiently for them to complete their work and they will publish it afterwards.

2) Will you mod other characters next?
A: Will see how things go from here.

3) Will you make one for Mia?
A: No.

4) Will you make a nude version of your enhancement mods?
A: No but I'm pretty sure that someone will pick up on that and make the mod.

5) Why are you doing this?
A: Bcoz I can.

6) Are you open for commissions?
A: No.

7) Are you gonna update your older Curvy mods sometime later?
A: Yes.

-first completed version
-applied custom materials
-further edits on the mesh
-refined the 1.05
-edited some new areas
-discarded the custom materials
-discarded custom textures
-remake the 1.07 version due to corrupted file
-added morph targets to enable in-game facial expressions
-first published version

if you feel like donating to me here's my paypal link