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This mod includes changes i've played with, most of my time playing Tiberian Sun.

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This mod includes changes i've played with, most of my time playing Tiberian Sun.

  • Removed damageable terrain.
- Nolonger will the terrain make craters when it receivers large portions of damage.

  • Removed the hunter seeker drone.

  • Removed building damage when no power.

  • Maximum build queue is now 99 instead of 5
- Check out my "SHIFT+" mod for an easy way to handle larger than 5 order queue.

  • Orca, Orcabomber, Harpy, Banshee, Carryall, Subterranean APC, Subterranean Flame Tank, can now all move into fog.

  • Changed game resolution to 1280x720


Backup "rules.ini" and "sun.ini" somewhere safe.

You now have two options on how to install this mod:

1) Hard Overwrite
Copy the files inside the "Hard Overwrite" into your Tiberian sun directory
and overwrite everything.

2) SoundUP Tool
Use the SoundUP Tool to import the mod into your current game,
pick the "Bare Necessities - Base" xml file and select your Tiberian sun
directory then click "start" and that's it!


Uninstall by removing these file:

  • rules.ini

  • sun.ini

and replacing them with the backups


You can use this mod in your own mod, under certain conditions:

Bare Necessities is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Follow link below to learn more:

Rights for the SoundUP tool is reserved for the author.