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Armageddon: The Final Hour is a modification for Command and Conquer: Zero Hour. It adds a new faction, namely “Armageddon”, which is quite frankly insanely over-powered.

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Welcome to the Nexus Mods page for Armageddon - The Final Hour

Currently at version 0.6.9, it is compatible only with Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour version 1.4

(the Community Patch is untested but it should work without issues)

The basic idea of this mod is essentially to allow the best of what is already available in Zero Hour to be accessible to a newly created faction, namely Armageddon. All original factions and generals are pretty much unchanged (there are a few changes for compatibility). There are also many additions, mostly my own concepts but includes a few others that I've come across over the years.

I've been working on this for some time now, not constantly, but nonetheless there is a good decade's worth of experience involved. I have made this mod on my own, no outside help except for a few concepts, models and bits of code that I’ve adapted, as well as the invaluable resources, tutorials and posts at Generals/Zero Hour related forums.

As well as doing the general coding that is involved in any modification, I have also taken great care in the layout of the files and their contents. If you are a modder, I recommend checking out the coding as it might provide for a good foundation in your own work. Many thanks for viewing the profile and especially if you’ve tried the mod, even more so if you like it. Please post any comments, recommendations, bug reports or anything else you feel is necessary, the feedback is very important.

Follows a brief overview of what the mod has to offer

  • GENERALS POWERS - the experience menu is completely full of goodies to buy
  • DOZER - two command sets with which it can build pretty much anything and everything
  • COMMAND CENTER - provides several command sets with short-cuts to Generals Powers
  • DEFENCE TURRET - a base section for building a variety of defensive structures
  • WAR FACTORY - has two command sets which can produce lots and lots of tanks
  • TECH CENTERS - Strategy Center, Internet Center and Palace all available
  • RESOURCES - Supply Drop Zone, Oil Derrick and Hackers for printing gold
  • CHEMICAL REFINERY - required for advanced upgrades and special powers
  • NUCLEAR POWER PLANT - lots of power and required for advanced super weapons
  • TWO CUSTOM SDI CANNONS - the Pentogrim, an import, and also my own creation
  • NUKE LAUNCH PAD - A rudimentary facility which spawns a nuclear-armed Aurora
  • SOYUZ MISSILE LAUNCHER - a very big launch pad and a very big detonation
  • SUPER SCUD STORM - an import which launches 25 potent missiles
  • STRATEGY CENTER BOMBARDMENT - new special power for its gun
  • GAS BOMB - produces a big plume of green stuff and kills garrisons
  • TERROR CELL - trained exclusively in Saudi Arabia by the CIA
  • IRON DRAGON - the Napalm Strike, being as deadly as the A-10s
  • BLACK MARKET NUKE - a lesser version of the Soyuz detonation
  • NUKE TRUCK - also known affectionately as the “Big Bastard Bomb”
  • TELEPORT FACILITY - the Nuclear Bunker can teleport stuff, for real
  • SUPPLY DROPS - crates and a small supply pile can be useful for skint allies
  • BLACK HAWK - an import which can harvest, combat drop and fire rockets
  • HELIX - automatically built with tower, bunker, gatler and napalm bomb
  • FULCRUM - the MiG-29, can also make use of the tactical nuclear payload
  • MOBILE PATRIOT BATTERY - my own custom modification of the Tomahawk
  • LASER TANK - my own modification of the ECM Tank to fire a shiny laser instead
  • LASERLORD - the Overlord modified with laser guns, avenger and gatling turrets
  • EMPEROR - carries passengers and, like the Overlord, has a point-defence
  • TOPOL - a stupidly-long-range ICBM launcher with a big MOAB payload
  • HEROES - Burton, Jarmen and Lotus have additional abilities for causing mayhem


While all other factions are pretty much unchanged, vGLA has been modified for the AI to use and has been designed to present a challenge to the player. They will build random units from the Armageddon faction, including helicopters. They will also make use of the Black Market Nuke and the Scud Storm is replaced with the Soyuz launcher. If playing as this faction you’ll notice that it’s completely imbalanced but it is not designed for the player to use, but rather to play against. This can be disabled using the optional BIG file - don’t extract the file if you want the feature; if the BIG file is present in any folder within either the original Generals or the Zero Hour directories then it will be parsed.


For GLA Mod, the AI will automatically collect salvage crates. As for the player, most tanks have a button available which can toggle the feature on-and-off. Be warned, though... a bug exists in respect of units being promoted and therefore the button disappears in such an event and the feature will be locked as on or off for that particular unit. Can’t do much about it, Zero Hour is retarded sometimes, but at least the feature exists in some kind of working order. Same as above, optional BIG file available to disable AI salvaging.


This map has received a makeover. The four bases which had only one main entrance have had their central flanks opened up so that the AI can path-find their way in and out. This is a major problem on the original map, with severe FPS issues making it unplayable; this version should be free of such issues. The bridges have also been removed as they can also cause problems for the AI. In addition, there are some additional bunkers and guard towers dotted around and the oil derricks have been put back to the general positions they were in on the original Generals version. The supply docks have also been moved to better positions.


I always intended to recompile INI.BIG to fix this stuff good and proper, I never did and to be honest I really don’t see any point now for a 15-year-old game. I don’t remember off-hand if the original factions are fixed or not, they should be but don’t take it for granted. Either way, all Armageddon structures will not be exploitable in respect of the following...

Scud Bug - This has been prevented by disallowing commands to be issued to the Scud Storm, in such a way which still allows it to be used as normal - why in the world the developers didn’t think about this is beyond my comprehension. I’m not sure if it works for the original factions by indirectly overwriting the AI module, it may require a full recompile for it to work - so what I did there is force the primary weapon to the secondary slot, and instead used a suicide weapon on the primary, so what happens is the structure blows up if the exploit is attempted.

Tunnel Bug - Yes, this is and always was possible in Zero Hour - if anybody tries to tell you otherwise, ignore them. Even the AI will tunnel bug if you attack a broken network while it’s rebuilding and it has occupants. So what I did is I used the OverlordContain which is triggered by an upgrade only after it has been built, which sufficiently prevents the exploit.

SDZ Exploit - Same logic as with the tunnel, OverlordContain used by upgrade to spawn an object inside the structure which instead has the OCLUpdate module. The bug can technically still be executed, but the drop isn’t possible until the structure is actually built.