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A Mod that adds some Flavor to Fall From Heaven 2 Mod.

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This is an old mod I made years ago for the Fall From Heaven 2 Mod.  I lost most all my other old mods when my comp crashed, but I had this one saved on a disk.  This is a legacy mod for me as I no longer mod for the public and enjoyed it very much... (My origial linK at CivFanatics)

Kael's Fall From Heaven 2 is required (that would also include all that it requires): Links to most recent version that is not on Nexus (Civfanatics)...

This is just a simple flavor Modular mod for the following Civs.

For the Sheaim:
1: Can build/purchase the Dragon Shrine building. This building allows the Fanatic unit. (can be captured)
2: Can build 4 Fanatics (national units) that serve the Dragon Cult. They have the Dragon Cult
Promo that gives them 10% fire resistance and allows them to cast the spell Dragon Prophecy. This
spell uses loki's disrupt spell abilities. (see note below)
3: Wyrmhold wonder can be built if they have a dragon shrine and the dragons horde.
4: Hero unit Os-Gabella: She is an immortal arch-mage unit with the ability to "para-drop" aka
teleport, etc. If she does somehow "die" she can be rebuilt as she recovers in her capital city.
5. The Wonder Ceridwen's Favor that gives them the Razorweed and Gulagarm (two each).

For the Kuriotates:
1: Can use their Airships to build workboats on water and costal tiles (this is for those land
locked cities and settlements that can not build workboats)
2: Can build/purchase the Dragon Temple building. This building also allows the Fanatic unit. Adds
a small culture boost to settlements. (can be captured)
3: Can build 4 Fanatics (national units) that serve the Dragon Cult. They have the Dragon Cult
Promo that gives them 10% fire resistance and allows them to cast the spell Evangelism. This
spell uses loki's entertain spell abilities. (see note below)
4: Wyrmhold wonder can be built if they have a dragon temple and the dragons horde.

For the Hippus:
1: Allows a Mercenary Guild to be built/purchased in the Hippus capital (can be captured).
2: Allows all Civs the ability to hire Mounted Mercenaries, and these can only be hired in the Hippus capital or captured Hippus capitals. Available with Horseback Riding and is an alternative route to get access to Mercenary units.
3: If the Hippus learn Infernal Pact they will be able to build/purchase a Hell Stables that will
give 2 Nightmare bonuses (can be captured).
4: The ability to build the two Storm Rider national units. This unit is a mounted mage unit.

For the Khazad:
1: A new spell and promotion, called the Enchanted Steam Engine, that grants siege units +1
movement (available at Sorcery and gives them a reason to tech this branch).
2: Allows the Myconid Caverns to be built/purchased and grants plus 2 food and 2
toad bonuses (gives an additional food bonus?). This one is really for the flavor starts on some
maps and really helps them (can not be captured as the Khazad cave it in when they flee back

For the Doviello:
Lucian has the ability to upgrade to a stronger version at level 5. But will the price be too much
for him?

For the Illians:
1: Maiden's Kiss spell that allows a cure disease spell for the Illians, due to the unfocused divine nature of the Ice sphere (no god) the spell also causes fatigue.
2: The Frost Maiden unit - a national Illian  disciple unit. She has ice mana affinity and can summon a Frosting Thrall.  Helps fill the low level healing gap other civs get.

Notes: Fanatics can be built by any civ if they are able to capture a Dragon shrine/temple, but will not be able to cast spells. Level four Fanatics now have the ability to upgrade (via Divine Passion ability) to a Disciple of Acheron unit if certain conditions are achieved.

Installation: The Fall from Heaven /version #/ .ini file needs to have ModularLoading = 0 changed
to ModularLoading = 1.
Place the "Modular Flavor" folder directory in your FFH2 folder in Assets/Modules. If you have no
other modular-mods you'll have to make the "Modules" folder.
The mod is unlikely to be broken by any patch that doesn't alter a relevant scheme file and should
be widely compatible and has to be done each time Kael releases a new patch.

Credits go to Tarquelne, MagisterCultuum, Farmer Bobathan, Rabbit, White(for the Mounted Wizard
Unit) and esvath(for the Os-Gabella and Frostling Maiden skins) for helping me figure some of this stuff out...

Notes: Some of these have already been added to Sephi's version of FFH2 "Wild Mana", so I would not recommend both at the same time unless you do some editing.

Mod is provided as is I dont have the game anymore so I cant bug hunt.

avahZ Darkwood