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Adds 15 buildings, 5 wonders, 1 tech upgrade from my other mods plus minor tweaks to them. In one convenient mod for easy use. Further upgrades and update on tech descriptions to reflect this, will be coming as well. Fixed for patch 12.03.15.

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Adds 15 buildings, 5 wonders, 1 tech upgrade from my other mods plus minor tweaks to them. In one convenient mod for easy use. Further upgrades and update on tech descriptions to reflect this, will be coming as well. Fixed for patch 12.03.15.

Buildings: Autofabricator, Nano Hospital, Children's Creche, Energy Bank, Hydro Plant, Naval Yard, Aerospace Complex, Barracks, Cold Fusion Lab, Covert Ops Center, Oasis Network, Bomb Shelter, Arctic Zone Installation, Horticulture Station and Pollution Processor. 

AutoF: +2 production, 1 maintenance (available from start building/Habitation) 
Nano H: +4 health, 10% food recovered from city growth, 3 maintenance (Unlocked with Nanotechnology) 
Child C: +1 production, 10% food recovered from city growth, 10 city hp and 5 city damage. 1maintance. (Cognition) 
Ener. B: 15% energy production in city, 1 trader specialist. 2 maintenance (Autonomous Systems) 
HydroP: +1 production from tiles connected with rivers (Engineering) 
NavalY: +1 production, + 1 food from trade routes, 5% food and production gain in city. 2Mainteance (Physics) 
AerosC: +2 air units spots in city, can fly units between AC's. 3 maintenance (Mobile Lev) 
Barrac.: +10 unit xp trained at city, 1 maintenance (Pioneering) 
ColdFL: +4 energy, +1 science. 1 maintenance (Geophysics) 
COpsC: +1 spy (Orbital Networks) 
OasisN: + 1 production from desert tiles, 2 food, 1 production and 2 energy from city, 1 maintenance (Power Systems) 
BombS: +2 health + 10 city health. 1 maintenance (Civil Support) 
ArcticZ: +2 science, + 2 culture, 1 science slot, 2 maintenance (Ecology) 
HorticS: + 1 food and production from forest tiles, + 1science and culture in city (Biochemistry) 
PollutP: +8 health, 6 maintenance (Chemistry) 

Wonders: Galactic Trade Hub, Space Elevator, National Secrecy Agency, Project Tesla Coil and The Supersonic Wall. 

GTH: 2 trade routes, 10% trade bonus with cities connected with capital, 20% bonus gain for trading initiator, 10% to target city. Trade specialists generates 1 extra energy and building grants 3 of them. (Social Dynamics) 
SE: +2 production. 30% orbital production and orbital range cover the hole map. 80 hexes is enough for the largest map at this point. (Astrodynamics) 
PTC: 4 energy, 2 science, 1 culture and all fighting units gain 7% combat bonus. (Climate Control) 
SW: 2 extra anti-alien hex range in city built, every other city gains normal fence for free. (Alien Sciences) 
NSA: 1 extra spy and 20% more espionage caused, increases unhealth by 7%. (Dark Networks) 
Planetary Survey required for Trade Vessels, grants 1 expedition and 10% work speed. 

Wonders atm. use a mix of quotes from tech unlocks and new silent ones. Feedback on that + buildings and wonders usefulness etc. is welcomed!

V4 Changes:
GTH got forced by patch to 20% (40% if energy) flat bonus for all trade routes instead of extra trade routes.
NSA is now 2 extra spies and start with max rank spies.

Manually install by putting the unpacked folder in:

C:\Users\"User"\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\MODS

or along similar lines (I use win 8.1).

Mod can be found on steam as well.

V.5 is up, it changes quite a lot so I hold it off to force the update on steam users of the mod. It's less an addition and more of overhaul mod in my eyes. Ofc there is subject to changes based on feedback.

New with v.5:

- Submarine unit that has stealth (no unique art for it sadly atm). Spotted by Sea-Dragons, Tac-Jets, Gunboats and any units it attack. It's stealth element seem to be ignored by AI, but you can't see it, unless it's rockets graphically bugs out, but that is on Fireaxis, I merely used unused assets I found :p

- Almost all Improvements have techs that greatly increases build speed of them, such Magrails will be much less painful transition if you have speed upgrades for it.
You will see 2 stats about their build speed (3 turns off (% number)). Reasons is that is when you have multiple sources for work speed increases on workers, it may happen you don't get a hole turn off when you finally unlock a tech.
Example:  Terrascape take 2000 Production or 20 Turns to complete, my tech upgrade take away -300 aka. 3 turns off on base speed, but if you have Surrogacy tech from before, which now increases worker speed by 20% it makes Terrascape speed like 2000 x 08 = 1600 before my tech is applied. Now with Terrascape speed upgrade it goes like  1700 x 0,8 = 1360 Which means in this case my tech does what it says on the tin, saves 3 turns off, great, but for many Improvements with shorter construction time it will not be true. So keep that in mind, hence the % number.

- Improvements have quite a few tech upgrades which increases their yields, so I nerfed base Manufactory (-1 production, only -1 Health though) and Academy (-1 Science, easy to get at least 1 tech with +1 culture or +1 science). Added Titanium Mine to hinder the default cookie cutter build of seeing minerals off the bat. Domes and Biowells have higher maintenance, but fresh water improves their energy yield as well as having upgrades.
These changes are taken by  Domed Life by Red Earth, Fresh biowell water by Red Earth, Titanium Mine by Red Earth with Artificial Unintelligence Lite by Delnar_Ersike mod that makes Culture less valued by AI, stop Terrascape spamming. These are in so I can add new tech perks to them in later techs, make stuff dependent on them.

- Alien genetics is now Harmony, also makes a ton of more sense and since I'm changing so much I included it, rather then having to relay on the itself. Alien Genetics - Harmony by Red Earth

- Dark Networks reveals world map, Inspired by Map Revealing Technology
by Ryoga. Reason for I added it was thinking to adding more to it, maybe to gradually reveal world map with one earlier tech then complete reveal later in tech tree.

- Gunboat can melee attack to capture cities.

- Surrogacy Tech perk now gives 20% worker speed instead of 50% like it was. Updated descriptions to reflect this fact, not only 10% worker speed increase like it was in default game.

- A few new buildings, Hospital in Genetics Tech
Another health building? Well yes, but it does not stack with Nano Hospital, they essentially become the same building when you unlock Nanotechnology. Hospitals gain +1 health with that tech. And is still by far worst health building in terms of cost efficiency compared to base buildings, but if you need the extra health it's there.

Maritime Lab in Alien Lifeforms
Improves science yield from ALL water tiles, unlike the default water improvement buildings in game. Judeging by descriptions it may be a mistake from Firaxis side.

Mantle Scorch Facility in Geophysics.
Still feel you are kinda DOOOMED if you start with a lot of snow tiles, would like to change Snow yield improved by techs rather than buildings...So good chance changes will come to these buildings.  Mantle Scorch gives +1 production to snow tiles, + 2 production & food in city and 1 free Geothermal resource.

POLLUTION PROCESSOR nerfed yet again, 7 health for 7 energy and 1 Geothermal Energy. Techs to reduce maintenance is somewhere on east side of tech tree and +1 Health is gained from Organics Tech.

That's all tech changes I remember, more will come with time. Possibly. Possibly I will overhaul sounds firaxis fucked, buff DEFAULT wonders a bit more, since a lot of them is ignore by default still regardless of play style, official patch didn't really fix all.