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Allows to change terrain type, features, improvements, roads and resources in game.

Accessible via new button in top right corner of the window near the Civilopedia button.

Works with GS.

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Allows to change terrain type, features, improvements, roads and resources in game.

Accessible via new button in top right corner of the window near the Civilopedia button.

Works with GS.

Please note and FAQ

* Crash safe mode.   Does not allow you to make the changes that known to cause crashes. This only check known crash reasons so be reasonable while using this mod.

* Safe mode. Validates game placement rules and disables the changes that are not allowed by game rules (for example you can't place crabs on land tiles, or marsh on desert tile etc.). It also disables resource and feature changes on tiles with improvements, cities, districts and wonders because it most probably break your game in some way. Game placement rules validation is a little bit paranoid so you can disable it for some changes if you are sure that it is valid. In general the game should not crash even if some invalid changes are done.

* I don't see changes I've made.

You need to Save and Load game to update visuals and game data after some changes. This is game engine limitations.

* Can I use this mod to place resource added by other mods?

Mod supports resources added by other mods (if the mod does not contain special logic for that resource and uses standard method to add resource into the game).

* I can't remove some resource from the map.

For some reason the game does not allow to remove resources that are not revealed (required technology is not learned yet). In this case you can replace that resource with the revealed resource and after that remove it.

* Is "Fix game data" safe to use and what does it do?

Yes it is safe to use in the latest mod version if Crash safe checkbox is checked. And even if crash safe checkbox is unchecked it will ask you before running crash unsafe fix. In crash safe mod it only forces the game to recalculate map areas which is required if you want to get lakes. In crash unsafe mod it additionally asks you if you want to run crash unsafe fix which is required if you want to settle on the terrain which was changed from impassable to passable (most probably you will not be able to finish your game after that due to the crash).

* How can I add lake? When I try to place lake it's tiles are marked as coastal.

To add lake you have to add lake tiles as Coastal terrain and after that use "Fix game data" button and Save/Load the game.
There is no special lake terrain type in game the lakes are the coastal tiles. But game automatically detects the lakes and marks it tiles as the lake tiles internally. There is special function to force the game to launch lake checks again and it is called when you click "Fix game data button" (it is now pretty safe to use the crash unsafe part is not executed if the Crash safe checkbox is enabled).

* How can I add cliff/river?

1. Cliffs and rivers are moved to the new tab. Click on Rivers/Cliffs button in top part of the mod window.
2. Panel has 3 lines that imitate the 3 sides of the map hex. By clicking on the line you change the river/cliff state on that hex side: unfilled line is no cliff/no river, filled line river/cliff. And river line also shows river flow direction on that side (the game may ignore flow direction by some internal logic). So you have to change river/cliff state on all 3 hex sides to what you need.
3. River panel allows to select River ID from existing IDs or create the new ID. River ID determines river name but there is no way to identify river name by River ID and to identify river ID of the existing rivers in the map tile so it's functionality is limited.
4. Apply the selected river/cliff pattern to the selected map hex by clicking Apply button or using paint mod checkbox and clicking on the map tiles.
5. To see changes you have to Save and Load the game.

* Mod button does not shown on the top panel anymore. This mod does not load when attempting to continue a game after steam/civ have been closed. Mod window does not appear when I click on top panel button.

I can't reproduce this issue but it may be related to some game internal issues with mod load order. This steps may help:
1. Go to in-game mod manager and disable ALL mods you have including DLCs and Expansions.
2. Exit the game and launch the game again.
3. Enable all DLCs, Expansions and mods.

About the crashes

The problem with crashes is that they happen on some turn later in game and it is not possible to continue the game because it will repeat on that turn no matter what you do. The only way is to load the save game made before the problematic change was done but the crash may happen 400+ turns later and you literally can loss.

Mod uses game testing and map generation functions to make map changes. This functions are used by the game on map generation stage before the game starts. The game was not designed to use this functions in mid game after the players and AI appears on the map and this is the main reason for the crashes. It was not changed with the mod updates and if you start to get crashes after some mod update it does not related to this update in 99% of the cases it just your game went to the stage where the significant map updates are not safe any more.

In general it is pretty safe to make changes early in game on first turn (except the impassable-to-passable and vice versa and water to lands ).

So now I'm running long tests to find the functions which might cause the crashes. Current results are listed bellow.

All test was made with default resources/features/improvements/natural wonders with Crash safe and Safe mode check boxes turned on. There still may be risk of crashes when changing modded resources/features/improvements/natural wonders.

Safe functions (minimal risk, no crashes on test games played up to turn 500)

* Add water tile (create lakes, oceans)
* Add/Remove Natural Wonders (may need to change terrain type on the tilewhere the impassable wonder was to make tile passable after wonder removal)
* Add/Remove features (passable)
* Add/Remove resources (in test game new resources was added every 50-80 turns)
* Remove improvements (in test game almost all improvements on the map was removed on turns 206 and after that once more on turn 350)
* Add/Remove cliffs (in test game many cliffs was added on turn 4; on next game all cliffs was removed on turn 86)
* Add rivers (in test game many rivers was added on turn 110 on not owned and AI owned tiles around the cities)
* Change tile owner (huge changes was done on first turn, 120 turn and 200+ turn)

Safe functions (low risk, no crashes on test games played 20-50 turns)

* Change terrain type/add hills
* Add improvements
* Add/Remove roads

Unsafe functions (risky, no crashes on test games played 2-6 turns)

* Add/Change/Remove coastal flood level

Unsafe functions (very high risk of crashes)

* Fix game data if Crash safe mode checkbox disabled (crash later in game on AI turns after 1-400+ turns)
* Remove water tile (crash when settled on such terrain if not Fix game data, it seems that AI do not settle on such terrain so it may be safe to use in some cases)
* Add/remove mountains (crash when settled on such terrain if not Fix game data)
* Remove river (crash when unit moves into the plot where the river was)