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Feel tired selecting the best location for your next city? Still trying to count 6 tiles in every direction to maximize The Colosseum wonder effects (cities within 6 tiles radius)? The best brand new tool for visual city location estimation and various radius related bonuses measurements is here for you only for "Endorse" the mod!

Permissions and credits
Radial Measuring Tool is an simple tool to visually estimate city location and to measure effect distances. It also shows terrain Yields in not owned tiles in radius and yield/tile count changes between the last and current measured locations.

New tool button to show/hide RMT dialog is added next to the civilopedia button on top right corner of the screen.

Default settings configuration

Make a copy of the file UserSettingsEXAMPLE.lua and name the copy UserSettings.lua
Edit the settings in the file UserSettings.lua (read the description in the file).

Differences between normal and Unleashed versions

* Normal version has no "Ignore map visibility option" and always respects map visibility.
* Normal version does not show resources that are not revealed on the map due to absence of required technology.