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Reduce, or eliminate, the warmonger penalty due to attacking others nations. Makes for a more pleasant playthrough with less denouncements.

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This project is an ongoing effort to rebalance the warmonger penalty, which seems quite high otherwise.  Even if you spend most of your time in peace with very few wars, you can quickly be labeled a warmonger and suffer serious consequences and constantly have to see the AI denounce you.  This project looks to balance this out.  In addition, positive outcomes from liberating cities did not seem to be credited enough, so this has been increased.

You will still receive negative diplomacy from the actual nation you are at war with, though, as you conquer and raze their cities.  

In addition, nations seemed to constantly complain about my forces being close to the border and somehow I seemed to violate my promise to not do that very easily.  I lessened both the impact of having soldiers near the border and for refusing to promise anything.  With this mod, it is probably better to just refuse to promise to move your soldiers, if you find you keep breaking your promise by accident.

Initially, the only file I will be adding is the file to remove the warmonger penalty completely.  I will upload a more balanced version in the near future, but need to play through some more.  This file to remove the penalty completely was really a test to see if my rebalancing was working at all.

This mod makes the following changes:

- Removed added penalties for razing a city, which previously doubled the negative impact with the target nation
- Impact of declaring wars (of all kinds) reduced dramatically
- Positive impact of liberating any city in the world is doubled (to 10)
- Positive impact of liberating a nation's city is increased by 50% (to 30)
- Cut the diplomatic effect of having soldiers near a nation's border in a third (to -1)
- Significantly cut the diplomatic effect of not making the diplomatic promise (to -1)

The file 'NoWarmonger' completely removes the warmonger penalty as well in every era.

When you are in the game, you will still see warnings about the warmonger penalty, but they will not apply.  For example, it still says it will be Egregious to declare surprise attack later in game, but you will not see any actual warmonger penalty applied.