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Change the visual appearance of roads, train tracks and pedestrian paths per segment.

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Change the visual appearance of roads, train tracks and pedestrian paths per segment.

This is an improved version of the well-known Network Skins mod, developed by TPB and boformer.

Disable the other Network Skins mod before you start using this version!!!

  • Improved performance
  • Super nice GUI made by TPB, with previews and toggle buttons!
  • Favorites, blacklisting and "Reset network" button
  • Pipette tool: Click on a network segment to place it again (select it in the UI, apply the skin)
  • Change the sidewalk or pedestrian path material (concrete, gravel or ruined)
  • Change the color of individual road segments
  • Change the roadside trees (only on one side, or both sides at once) and change the repeat distance
  • Change street lights and change the repeat distance. Also supports custom street lights! The light color of every street light is shown in the selection list.
  • Change pillars of elevated networks and bridges (now with better support for 81 tiles)
  • Change catenaries of train tracks or completely remove overhead wires (per segment!). R69 Railway tracks with custom end-of-track catenaries are also fully supported!
  • If you also have "Hide Crossings" mod installed: Hide the pedestrian crossings and stop lines of a road segment (thanks kian.zarrin)
  • Switch between concrete and gravel train tracks!
  • Change catenaries of tram tracks or remove overhead wires
  • Full map editor support
  • Automatic import of Network Skins 1 data
  • Available in English, German, French (thanks deheeks!), Spanish (thanks Armesto!), Polish (thanks Geze!), Russian (thanks hydra!), Dutch (thanks AquilaSol!), Portuguese (thanks Klyte45!), Chinese (thanks Alizarin!), Japanese (thanks shg166)

The mod is compatible with...
  • Modern Lighting Pack
  • Loading Screen Mod
  • Traffic Manager: President Edition
  • Fine Road Tool
  • Fine Road Anarchy
  • Parallel Road Tool
  • American Traffic Lights (and similar traffic light mods)
  • American Road Signs
  • American Sign Replacer
  • Catenary Replacer
  • Ronyx69 Railway Collection
  • Metro Overhaul Mod (limited skin support, but compatible)
  • Hide Crossings
  • Road Color Changer (recommened to restart the game after changing colors in RCC)
  • Almost every custom network on the workshop