The Blue Hour by Ferum
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In this map Agatha team must defend a strategic location, while Mason has to capture it.

The Mason Order wants to capture a tower located on a rocky hill occupied by Agatha Knights. The goal is to make it very challenging, yet not impossible for the attacking team to win.

There are only two ways of getting up the hill: the main road or the hidden entrance. Frontal assault might be difficult; the ledges on the both sides of the way are excellent positions for Agatha archers.

The second entrance is far off Mason spawn, however rocks on the southern part of the hill blocking Agathians' sight and dense forest below would provide great cover for a small strike team. Also the rear entrance is blocked from Agatha spawn (not on the plan) to keep freshly spawned Agathians from rushing to its defense.

The capture point is located on top of the tower, while the tower itself consists of about 3 floors with ammo box on the second.