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Cinematic Warfare

So you turned on all of the post processing effects and play at the highest resolution, but your game still doesn't look Amazing?
I've had this trouble and so I decided (being a film maker) that Chivalry needed a more cinematic and vibrant look.

There are two separate parts to this mod, one which is the sweetfx preset and the other is an explanation on how to create a custom resolution with black bars. (And yes I know sweetFX has the "border" option, however it cuts off a heap of ui, where as my method does not.)
You can just use the preset without creating the custom resolution, it is simply a preference.

Part 1
Ok so for some reason SweetFX and Chiavalry 64-bit mode don't want to be friends so this will only work with the 32-bit version of Chivalry.
1. download mod
2. open folder and extract contents into your Win32 game folder.
My path looks as such: 
And then when you start up the chivalry launcher make sure you select 'Chivalry: medieval warfare (32bit)" Otherwise you won't see any changes
Thats it.

Part 2
Custom Resoultion (Black Bars)
So if you want to create a custom resolution to create the cinematic widescreen effect you need to create a custom resolution of either 1920x900 or 1920x800. But I reccommend 1920x900.
Unfortunately I only know how to do this with a Nvidia graphics card, however if you look for the AMD graphics properties on AMD machines I'm sure you can work it out.
1. Open Nvidia control panel, Click on 'Change Resolution' then scroll down and click customise.
2. Click Create custom resolution, then select 'automatic timing from the drop down menu. Then finally change the vertical resolution to 900.
3. Click test. your screen will flash for a minute (its normal) then click save and click ok. You should then see the new resolution listed under custom in the resolution list.
4. In game change your resolution to your new 1920x900 resolution

Note: If you are finding the scene too dim lit you can press the tilde key in game (~) and write: 'gamma 3' (without quotation marks) and the scene will become much brighter.

I will upload more photos and a video showcasing other maps soon!

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The awesome creators of SweetFX!


If you have any trouble installing or any questions, just let me know and I'll see if I can assist.