Morrowind Modding Madness

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The Morrowind Modding Community is hosting a four-week long event starting on December 1st called Morrowind Modding Madness, a team-based modding competition where modders form teams and try to meet weekly challenges in order to prevail until the end and win. This is an intensive competition where modders must strategize and collaborate together in order to release four mods in four different random categories from December 1st until the 31st.

If you'd like to learn more, there's a thread here on the Nexus forums with a full assortment of details! You can also register your modding teams there, and get ready for the competition's start on December 1st.

Note: The competition is not being held or sponsored by Nexus Mods


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  1. Gashmer
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    Imma buy morrowwind
  2. iXenite
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    And dwarven ruins are not equal to dwemer ruins.

    You do realize that the Dwemer are the Dwarves right? They are the same race. Just saying.
  3. DaedricGems
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    Its funny, and pathetic, (yes im hostile towards bethe on certain things).. so yeah its funny how people just put morrowind music over oblivion or skyrim in their skyrim gameplays, videos, tutorials everything..
    Just shows if devs go nuts and do what they want they release such game that can never be surpassed by money based game ideas(generic generic skyrim)
    Skyrim is so generic its uneblieable.. All their excuse is ( well its against the lore to have eileyd ruins, dwemer ruins, daedric portals..everything that was cool and unconventional is gone..) Ofc raven rock is a saving grace! And dwarven ruins are not equal to dwemer ruins. Later were much better
    Props to modding challenge. Im trying to get myself in modding overall, so if anywant wants to be my senpai - pm me!
    1. darkelfguy
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      In response to post #44855050.


      Hey, if you're interested in getting into modding Morrowind, you should stop by the Morrowind Modding Discord server, we've got a lot of modders on there who can help out. There's also our Let's Mod Morrowind tutorial series that covers a lot of the basic functionality of the CS and scripting.
  4. huskyclaw
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    Because of the community, Bethesda games can never die
    1. Autoclock
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      That goes especially for MW, I think.
    2. Dragon_Knight X
      Dragon_Knight X
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      14 years on, and yet Morrowind remains Bethesda's most adored work, it's the game that introduced myself and many others to the wonders of Nirn and I'm overjoyed to see it hasn't been forgotten in the days of Skyrim re-releases and elder scrolls MMOs
  5. MatthewTheBagel
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    Sounds awesome, can't wait to start!