Skyrim At The Movies: PREDATOR

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Ever wonder what Skyrim would be like with guns, aliens and body builders that cannot act? Wonder no more because Tyrannicon is at it again and the Predator has landed in Skyrim. Full list of mods included in the video description.

WARNING: This movie contains offensive/adult language as used in the Predator movie itself. Oh and horribly scenes of violence and carnage just like Skyrim.


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  1. RocaBoss
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    Would love to watch this but the video is private now.
  2. ermitaBoy
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  3. saltypumpkin92
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    This is so wonderful! I love Arnie's voice.
  4. AbitTasty
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    One of my favorite movies of all time! Just watched the Iron Man one too. Both are crazy awesome. Can't wait to watch more.
  5. niathachal
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    Ahaha! I hated those traps, I always forget they are there.
  6. dolcenube
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    great !!!! I loved it so much!!
  7. PSlayer
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    this video is something great!
  8. Longojing
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    gotta love mods,,, and guys who make these stories
  9. Marcelievsky
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    Wow, how makes to have guns in Skyrim?
    1. DevilJinKazama
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      Looks like the "Modern Firearms MOD" from modtype.
      I have it, if only for the CSD that comes with it.
      It's a nice enough mod, if you don't mind getting your ears blasted by gunshot SFX 4 times louder than the rest of the FX in the game.
  10. Khaahan
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    Ok... now I watched the lil movie and I saw what this was all about... and I admit I did split in two laughing!