Caves of Qud
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Put an end to nomadic living, build your own bungalow.

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Use the powerful xyloschemer to plot out blueprints for a cavalcade of structures , furniture and decor .

Learn the forgotten skills of governing and claim your own piece of saltland, corraling hapless settlers into their own homes where they'll go about arduous tasks like sleeping and smoking hookahs.

Latest Update - 17 July 2020
  • Xyloscheming Split Into Modes
  • Switch between building, painting and marking homes for your settlers with a completely new interface for each
  • Mouse Support
  • Simply point and click to place your blueprint
  • Many New Blueprints
  • Even more can be found in schematic chips available from certain merchants
  • New Governing Skill Tree
  • Claim zones as your own, build houses and invite creatures to live in them
    Change the music, icon and description of your zones
    Charge into battle with your handcart
    Wallop folks with a Xyloschemer for a discount
  • New Settler AI
  • Will wander, sit, smoke, sleep, tinker, work and etc both at home or outside
  • Retainers
  • Appoint settlers to be the local merchant, tinker or warden using tokens
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Press H in any menu for a tutorial popup with extensive instructions
  • Visible Handcart
  • Deploy a visible handcart when one is equipped
    (Enabled in the options menu)


Place the Hearthpyre folder inside your mods folder, approve the mod on startup.
Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Freehold Games\CavesOfQud\Mods\
Linux: /home/username/.config/unity3d/Freehold Games/CavesOfQud/Mods/

Fairly rare, it'll pop up as loot with other artifacts or from vendors, whether it's a new or continued game. Craftable by tinkers if Argyve deigns you worthy. Wish for 'xyloschemer' if yer a "want it now" person.

Activate the xyloschemer in your inventory, select 'scheme' to enter the plotting view.
Move the cursor around with your mouse or numpad, hit H for contextual instructions.
When you're satisifed with your scheming, hit escape to end, walk up to your blueprints and interact with them using space.
S' a 'build all' option in there if you use Ctrl + space.

(Possessing a xyloschemer also gives you a key-bindable activated scheming ability)