Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

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Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2 Dualshock button icons

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Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2 Dualshock button icons

Both DLC and main game have new button icons

I made this back in 2014 and posted on few places, but forgotten and lost to age. Hopefully, here it wont be , since people still ask for this mod.
There are few ways this can be done. 
1. Using python script to inject texture replacement
2. Using quickBMS to inject texture replacement.

Size of thise files are bit ..huge. Since i am posting full replace mod. A lot of people had trouble using instructions to actually make mod for them selfs. So..
I will however post tools i used to inject textures so its your choice.

1. Main download. Injects texture replacements into main game files. They are huge files. 

2. Optional download. Mod that fakes .package files significantly smaller. 
Both options seem to be working fine. Main is fully tested but optional seems to be working fine as well. Your choice.

--New version (optional download)
This is different approach to mod. I managed to dig out a tool from 2014 that allows to pack files into custom .package thus creating false package files and using them as override. They are significantly smaller files! 
Preliminary test, suggest that game works without issues. I did Not test this 100% however. But there shouldnt be any issues.
Your choice
Use either main mod or optional, Not Both! (extract to main game overwrite files if asked)