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Speed up dialogs and day/night transition in Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

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Castlevania 2 have really slow dialog and day night transiction, so i made this simple mod to speed them up.
The game is basically a collection of cryted roms, and this roms are loaded in the RAM of you pc at runtime, when executing the mod it search in you ram for the value that influence the speed in the game and change them.
That's all.

I made this mod for my self, so don't know if it works well on other systems.


As the mod works on the game while in the ram, you have to execute the mod every time you start the game.

- Open the game 
- Start Castlevania 2 
- Double click the executable
- Done

- Open the game 
- Start Castlevania 2 
- Open the command prompt where the mod executable is located
- Write "Castlevania mod.exe -dia x -day y"
- Replace "x" whit the speed you want for dialogs (original : 5, defualt : 1) 
- Replace "y" whit the speed you want for day/night (original : 10, defualt : 3) 
- Press Enter