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Implements a number of quality of life changes to the various screens around the bridge of the carrier.

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If you don't want to create an account for NexusMods, a mirror is available through Github. See the "Mirror" tab.

The host of the game MUST have the mod installed for it to work. Clients who do not have this mod installed may not work when playing with hosts who do have it installed.  Consult the README.txt included inside the zip for installation / uninstallation details. You'll know it works when you see "UI Mod by QuantX" on the main menu.

Due to the lack of official mod support for Carrier Command 2 at this time, it is difficult to install more than one UI Mod at once. If you wish to contribute to the development of the UI Enhancer mod, feel free to submit a pull request to the official Github repository:

Logistics Screen
  • Add barge ID's to the tooltip
  • Improved color coding
Navigation Screen
  • Added island names to the map
  • Added an option to toggle map names on and off
  • Added weather statistics
  • Added torpedoes
  • Added carrier waypoints (These can be set/removed from the holomap. May not be visible on all map display modes)
  • Added vehicle links to navigation screens
  • Allowed panning on the navigation screens

Compass Screen
  • Added heading and directional indicator for the next waypoint

Propulsion Screen
  • Added aircraft takeoff / landing info to assist helmsmen with angling the carrier

Sonar Screen
  • Added mute button to sonar screen

Carrier Weapons Screen
  • Weapon status now visible at all times
  • Added weapon healthbar
  • Added indicator for remaining ammo in carrier inventory
  • Added player names to carrier support weapon screen

CCTV Screen
  • Added camera view from docking and undocking vehicles

Vehicle Hud
  • Added shell drop indicator added for the heavy cannon (Thanks JetfireBlack!)
  • Added directional indicator for chassis when controlling the turret of a ground vehicle
  • Friendly vehicles are now blue, hostile vehicles are now red
  • Player names show up above the friendly vehicles they're controlling
  • All attachments can now lock/unlock targets
  • Always show friendly vehicles
  • Always show distance to highlighted vehicle
  • Highlighted vehicle's text is now much more readable
  • Fixed CWIS and Aircraft Chaingun crosshair disappearing when locking a target
  • Show all weapons on highlighted vehicle info

Landing Screen
  • Now shows far more detail about aircraft (Huge thanks to ambispess)
  • Added ground units info to screen
  • Click on screen to see landing patterns (Click on the left / right side of the screen to pin/unpin the current view)

  • Added bootup sequence (Launch the carrier or press either of the focus buttons on the holomap to skip)
  • Synced cursor across clients
  • Added vehicle waypoints (with altitude tooltips)
  • Added vehicle weapon range on hover
  • Added weather statistics to the different visibility modes
  • Added self destruct message
  • Added island names
  • Added island difficulty indicators
  • Added island factory types
  • Added island capture progress
  • Added map tools (Hold "E" or whatever your "interaction a" key is bound to. Then drag the mouse somewhere else on the map)
  • Added map scale
  • Added vehicle tooltips
  • Added player names to vehicle tooltips
  • Added mission time and day/night cycle to cartographic view
  • Added carrier loadout (click on carrier when tooltip shows)
  • Added vehicle loadouts (click on vehicle when tooltip shows)
  • Added carrier waypoints (Press "R" or whatever your a "interaction b" key is bound to to set a waypoint for the carrier. Set a waypoint on the carrier itself to clear all waypoints. Note: the person helming the carrier must also have this mod to see  the waypoints. )

Vehicle Control Screen
  • Added rudimentary CCTV support when driving vehicles ( NOTE: This feature has not been fully implemented by the developers, expect it to be buggy! )
  • Added toggle to turn CCTV view off (Click on the vehicle control map to open the options menu then scroll down)
  • Added grid and X/Y grid references in terms of 500m grid squares
  • Increased maximum waypoint altitude to 20,000
  • Added toggle to show carrier waypoints
  • Holomap cursor now visible on vehicle control screen
  • Show all vehicle weapons on tooltip
  • Added tooltips for waypoint altitude
  • Added player names to vehicle tooltips
  • Added additional increments / common presets to waypoint altitude selector (Thanks Lugghawk!)