Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
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Adds a hotkey for repairing all of the broken parts, balancing wheels and lathing the brake discs.

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Requires MelonLoader to function correctly. Follow the instructions on the website to install it before installing this mod.

Are you bored with the new repair bench minigame?

...Well, I was, and I had to do something about it, and this mod is the result. 
This fully configurable MelonLoader mod allows you to:
  • fix all of the car and body parts,
  • lathe all of the brake discs,
  • balance all of the unbalance wheels
with just one key press (F7 by default).

Note that this mod is technically a cheat. It will not take money for the repairs. I might add that in the future release(s) if there is enough interest. However, it will not repair parts that are unfixable on the bench or lathe. 

Installation: After MelonLoader is installed, copy the DLL file to <CMS2021_Dir>/Mods, where <CMS2021_Dir> is the directory you have your game installed at.
Configuration: After your first start, a config file will appear in the Mods folder:

# If true, all car parts will be fixed after pressing the BindKey.
ShouldFixItems = true 
# If true, all body parts will be fixed.
ShouldFixBodyParts = true
# If true, all brake discs will be lathed.
ShouldLatheBrakeDiscs = true
# If true, all unbalanced wheels will be balanced.
ShouldBalanceWheels = true
# Defines the key activating this mod. See Unity - Scripting API: KeyCode ( for more details.
BindKey = "F7"

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