Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
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This graphical mod changes the game's colors in order to mimic HDR, increases image sharpness using FidelityFX, and brings better ambient occlusion with MXAO.
Works in all game modes.

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Disclaimer: Changes might not be very noticeable on monitors that have poor contrast or color accuracy.

1. Download ReShade(
2. Install ReShade into your game (run installer, select 'iw7_ship.exe' as target, then select DX10/11/12).
Don't worry about downloading shaders, they are included with my files.
3. Copy my files to the game folder (where iw7_ship.exe is located).
4. Run the game, press Home to toggle ReShade UI, and make sure Ninja_Reshade preset is selected in the 'Home' menu.

- Be sure to properly adjust your game brightness, otherwise the game might look too dark after applying the mod.
- The game's included ambient occlusion option should be turned off when using MXAO, since they do the same thing.
- MXAO will reduce game performance by about 10fps. If you do not want to take the performance hit, you can disable MXAO in the ReShade home menu by unchecking it.
- Feel free to adjust the image sharpness to your liking by using the slider under FidelityFX in the ReShade Home menu.