Certain sections of the Nexus sites are only available to Premium Members and Supporters. These are users who have helped to support these sites by donating a small amount of money. Anyone who has become a Premium Member on any Nexus site in it's life time irrespective of whether they paid for a single month or for a life-time subscription is automatically recognised as a supporter of this site and has access to all supporter sections, alternatively some members choose to donate a small £1 fee to become a life-time supporter of the site.

Why have supporter only features?

Supporters are people who have been willing to donate a small amount of money to help keep this site running. In turn I like to try and return the favour to these people by providing them with additional features or sections of the site that I wouldn't normally offer to people. It's a way of saying thank you for supporting me and the sites.


It's important to note that supporters do not get the same features and benefits as Premium Members. The following additional features and sections are available to Supporters over normal members who haven't donated to the site.

Supporter-only Image Share section
An image share section for Supporters only. The terms and conditions for this section are different and more open and liberal than the normal image share section.
Private message capacity
All Supporters can store 5 times as many private messages. The total archive size is 500 compared to 100 for normal members.
Future proof
Becoming a Supporter means you are a Supporter on every Nexus Site, including any new Nexus Sites that might be made in the future.

Questions? Problems?

Every member on the Nexus Sites is important to us but people who help to financially support the site are especially important as they've used some of their hard earned cash to help us out. If you have any questions or encounter any problems then please use the site contact form or PM Dark0ne on the forums and he should get back to you very quickly.

Go Premium

Want to go premium? The subscription process is simple and your account will upgrade automatically once you're done.

Please remember to login to the forums before buying!

How much does it cost
1 month £2.99 ($4.80 USD)
3 months £8.49 ($13.60 USD)
6 months £14.99 ($23.20 USD)
12 months £24.99 ($39.99 USD)
Life-time membership £49.99 ($79.99 USD)

USD figures are based on a standard exchange rate.
All payments are non-recurring. You only get billed once.