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  • mp_harbor.iwd Rostov for Call of Duty 2

    Rostov Russia for 1.0
    Abstracted from 1.3

    updated 7:10, 16 Sep 2017 2 0 10,557kb sydrotome

  • RMC-Rcon-Mod (v1.3) for Call of Duty 2

    And here's the next installment of the acclaimed RMC-Rcon-Mod, now in v1.3. It's got a couple new quirks that should draw in previous users; the new features offer further customization and ease-of-use, so there's nothing to be negative about, right? Just read the list below to get an idea of what's new, check out the screenshots, and make use of this tool on your server today!

      • Now handles up to 30 custom maps
      • Realigned various onscreen elements

    updated 14:21, 20 Apr 2016 65 0 23kb GameFrontArchiver

  • RMC-Rcon-Mod (CoD2 v1.2 w/ Custom Maps) for Call of Duty 2

    Here's an update on RMLincoln's acclaimed rcon tool for CoD2 server admins. Like the last release of this mod, this one was made by a different developer, TheKurgen. In this update, TheKurgen addresses the needs of custom map servers by offering the easy addition of custom maps into the rcon menu (see the directions included in the .zip). For fans of the utility's ease-of-use and capabilities, this should definitely suit you as far as custom maps are concerned, so any admins out there with those servers, download this fantastic rcon tool today!

    updated 14:21, 20 Apr 2016 11 0 24kb GameFrontArchiver

  • RMC-Rcon-Mod (For CoD2 v1.2) for Call of Duty 2

    Here's a nice adaptation of the well-liked (and well-made) RMC-Rcon-Mod for CoD2. This version was specifically produced for use with the new CoD2 patch (v1.2), so those of you who long awaited this convenience shall wait no longer! RMLincoln was responsible for the original and TheKurgen conjured up this one; I commend them both on the work they've done. This is an outstanding rcon aid for any server admin, so check out the screenshots below, and download it today!

    updated 14:21, 20 Apr 2016 10 0 22kb GameFrontArchiver

  • Server CFG Creator (v3.0) for Call of Duty 2

    Here's the latest and greatest edition of Miguel Nunes' fabulous Server CFG Creator. In case you've been living under a rock, this is probably the best-known and most widely used utility for the purpose of simplifying the monstrous task of managing a server .cfg file. Not only does Miguel's tool make the job easier (and even a touch fun? ), but it also offers so much more that you might not have ever known about if you had attempted to make the config file by hand! Anyway, just read the list below for a brief look at the updates in v3.0, and download the Server CFG Creator today!

      • New interface
      • Added a new page (CFG Settings)
      • Added PAM toggle
      • Added PAM Mode options
      • Added MOTD (Message of the Day) option
      • Added CoD2 v1.2 maps to the map rotation

    updated 14:21, 20 Apr 2016 45 0 1,776kb GameFrontArchiver

  • StatsMAX ( Beta Full) for Call of Duty 2

    We weren't given a whole lot of information regarding this file, so you're pretty much your own. There's no ReadMe, no author info, and nothing for us to work with except for the title, StatsMAX (presumably a server stats program). Give it a try, and leave your comments below!


    updated 14:21, 20 Apr 2016 3 0 6,061kb GameFrontArchiver

  • Team Score Protector (v1.0) for Call of Duty 2

    Size vs. Usefulness: 10

    Overall Rating: 10

    updated 14:21, 20 Apr 2016 8 0 41kb GameFrontArchiver

  • DreamStats System (v4.2) for Call of Duty 2

    Miguel Nunes has brought us another update to his DreamStats System, fixing more bugs and adding more convenient features to it yet again! This is the last update for v4.x, too, so be prepared for a massively revised DreamStats System v5 sometime in the future. Meanwhile, if you used previous versions for your server, you should update to this one as soon as possible because, as I said, there are more fixes to bugs left in v4.1. Note that, in order to update to v4.2, you must have v4.1 first -- no other DreamStats version will work in the updating process!

      • Fixed bug: 'echo' text appeared in log mode
      • Notification for new versions of DreamStats in the Admin panel
      • Modified Admin navigation menu before red text box
      • Added a menu link in Admin navigation menu to game colors configuration
      • Added a new category to admin: "Security"

    updated 1:55, 20 Apr 2016 6 0 1,064kb GameFrontArchiver

  • DreamStats System (v3.1) for Call of Duty 2

    Here's the next version of Miguel Nunes' excellent CoD2 server statistics viewer with all the bugs fixed from the previous version, v3.0! If you liked the earlier ones, then you'll definitely want to upgrade to this one for further stability and reliability. Check out the screenshots to see more.

    updated 1:55, 20 Apr 2016 2 0 622kb GameFrontArchiver

  • DreamStats System (v5.0) for Call of Duty 2

    Miguel Nunes has for us the latest and greatest version of his DreamStats System (v5.0) for CoD2 v1.2. This one not only features the long-awaited compatibility with said version of CoD2 but also a handful of other extras, such as added Punkbuster options and a new administration style. If you're not already familiar with the multi-player server utility, Miguel Nunes made the first release long ago to aid admins in setting up online server stats programs. What's great about the setup is that it's easy-to-use, concise in wording and function, and nice and clean to the eye, so check out the screenshots below to see what it's like, and employ the use of DreamStats on your server today!

    updated 1:55, 20 Apr 2016 3 0 760kb GameFrontArchiver

  • DreamStats System (v5.1) for Call of Duty 2

    After a long break away from the community, Miguel Nunes has returned to bring us a new version of his well-known, much-loved DreamStats System! This Call of Duty 2 server management solution provides you with everything you'll ever need to create and maintain control over your Call of Duty 2 server. As soon as you boot the program up, I guarantee you'll be amazed at how many options for customization are at your fingertips; you'll probably think you were dreaming! (Please don't hit me for that one. ) And in this update to v5.1, your DreamStats System will be easier than ever before to handle, and more secure with all the bugs addressed. Have a look at the list below for all the new stuff you'll encounter, check out the screenshots, and download Miguel Nunes' DreamStats System (v5.1) now!

      • Installer now creates database automatically
      • Renamed installer folder to "install" instead of "installBK"
      • Added new admin setting to align map image
      • Added new admin setting to start with collapsed extra info
      • Fixed link bug in errors page
      • Fixed bug in the admin account page
      • Fixed latest version check bug
      • Fixed duplicated skin/lang in dropdown box
      • Fixed Punkbuster check bug
      • Fixed some connection bugs
      • Fixed empty password submitting in account page
      • Fixed link bug in popup copyright window


    updated 1:55, 20 Apr 2016 16 0 749kb GameFrontArchiver

  • Make CoD2 Server (v1.1) for Call of Duty 2

    Here's a great new program for users wishing to run servers quickly from their own computers, locally or publicly for internet use (in the latter case, you'll have to retrieve your public IP). It features everything you need to get started, all centralized in one easy-to-use and physically small location, so you're set to go with this program! You just enter your IP, specify the location of your CoD2MP_s.exe file, fix up the settings of the server, and click the "Start New Server" button. Couldn't be any easier than that. Just check out the screenshots below to see what I mean, and download this awesome tool today!

    NOTE: This file has been reposted due to an error in the previous post.

    updated 1:55, 20 Apr 2016 815 0 849kb GameFrontArchiver

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