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Lt.Speirs has outdone himself yet again with this incredibly intense update to his CoD2 single-player realism mod. It focuses on parts of the gameplay with which no other mod has ever dabbled, so you're sure to get something new here! All I can say is that you just have to read the list of new things below; you might even consider checking out the full ReadMe for extended details. Once you do, trust me, you'll want to take the time and play this mod ASAP!

    • Battle Chatter system fixed and updated (no continuously repeated death messages and AI tactics)
    • Most levels have more characters on screen (you can have anywhere between 10 and 35 guys with you)
    • The Du Hoc defense level has the tempo of the last battle of Saving Private Ryan (many lost men and ground)
    • Realistic allocation of NCOs (1 Sergeant and 1 Corporal per 10 Privates)
    • Various map-based changes
    • NCOs for the Americans (unlocked Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Corporal uniforms for the Americans -- the AI will even call out ranks from time to time)
    • WCP's Allied Pain mod -- where would realism be without WCP?
    • 69 new death and pain sounds for AI
    • WCP's Tracer mod
    • Realistic grenade blast radii
    • Realistic suppression system
    • Realistic AI aiming -- NPCs no longer take ineffective 'pot shots' -- cover is your saving grace -- you can't lone wolf it most of the time; you must rely on your comrades for fire direction, covering fire, ammo, or at the worst moments... bait
    • Updated faces for all countries
    • The game is now up to 10 times louder in some areas for realistic war sounds
    • Realistic weapon characteristics
    • Frame rate booster
    • New weapons sounds from WCP's sound mod and various other games
    • Realistic skins from various developers like DeltaForceOperator, Rusty, etc. -- all credit goes to them

Lt.Speirs realism V3 plus frame rate booster

to install just copy and paste pk3 files to main cod2 folder

for graphical boosts see preformance read me

Warning: this mod expands on the already existing platform of the game and installs punishing realism, as a result the game is a lot harder/intense, the goal of this mod is to

bring you the true meaning of being a small part of a larger conflict, you have been warned.

Features V3

*battlechatter system fixed and updated. No more hearing someone is dead 16 times in a row, at most it�s like 2-3,

but now once the shooting starts the AI will always have something new to say, this adds to the chaos and epic scale

that is introduced with this mod

*Most levels have more characters on screen. Most of the time insted of taking a town or holding objective with 5 guys you have

10 and up to 35 guys with you

*The duhoc defense level has the tempo of the last battle of saving private ryan, it starts off with you and alot of

guys from dog company holding the line, as the level progresses you shall lose men and ground and neither

will be replaced. Just watch the battle of ramelle to see what I mean

*Realistic allocation of NCOs. For the most part you will not see 6 SGTs and 2 privates running around, its now 1

Sgt and 1 Cpl per 10 Pvts

*Varies map changes. Many changes to SP maps, to many to name, but a big one is not having everyone disappering on you during

the assault on Hill 400 (they actually stay and fight) And now there is no Lt. Coffey in the LVT giving the breifing

its now Sgt Randall. (Couple of points I want to show, first off during the original game Coffey is never again showen

or used after the landing and his voice matches Randalls, and also when the Higgins gets shot so does Sgt randall which doesn't make

sense, so I switch Randall and Coffeys place and insted of Randall getting shot its now a Character named yours turely, Lt.Speirs)

*Ncos for the Americans. When I was playing the game for the first time I noticed that there where no other officers

other than Randall, now I have unlocked the Lt, Sgt, and Cpl uniforms for the Americans and included them into the game

the AI will even call out its ranks from time to time

*WCPs Allied Pain mod. Now where would a realism mod be without WCP?

*69 new death and pain sounds for AI. Warning these are very very graffic, not in a profain sort of way but

it captures the feeling of unwanted death and breathes new life into the AI

*WCps Tracer mod. Cause its so pretty

*Realistic grenades. Blast radius of all grenades updated to real life counter parts

*Suppression system. Can't take a Kraut from the front? Now you or your Allies can pin him down and you can make

a flanking run. Be warned the fire must be constant because after slacking off for 3 seconds

the german will begin to fire back.

*Realistic AI Aiming. No more of watching NPCs take pot shots at each other to no effect. Now the AI is as effective in combat

as you are. Now cover is your saving grace, you can't lone wolf it most of the time and you must rely on your

comrades for fire direction, cover fire, ammo, or at the worst moments...meatsheild

*Updated faces for all countries

*The sounds of war. This mod makes the game LOUD. Up to 10 times louder in some areas so crank up the stereo because

now you can hear everything

*Realistic weapons characteristics. Weapons updated to real life counter parts

*Frame rate booster. Because this mod adds a whole lot more content to the game so I think that I added a community

built Frame rate booster should be included. To install and uses see the performance fix read me.

*New weapons sounds. These have been taken mostly from WCPs sound mods and some from various other games, hope you like it.

*Realistic skins. IN this mod is a collection of various skins from varous artist like Deltaforce, rusty, etc. all credit goes to them


Reworked battlechatter system (AI talks more but it�s not the same constant annoying babble as before

Now when they talk it makes sense)

Realistic weapon names

Sgt randall and Lt.Vloysky are given their voices back (I�ve noticed that all of the chatter from sgt randall and lt. Vlovsky

Was cut out from the finished game except for scripted sequences and had to borrow from other voices, now they have their voice again)

As Russian infantry you have no supplies (as in a you start of with whatever ammo is in the gun, weapons and equipment are

To be procured on site just like it was in Russia)

Realistic resupply system (when you move on to another level and you have a german weapon, you start the next level with

the ammo you had in the last level)

Reworked AI weapons distribution system (as in less SMGs more rifles and period equipment German soldiers loved to use soviet equipment now they also have the SVT40)

Realistic representation of panzer 2 tank (that damn thing had a 20mm machinegun and less than a inch of amour and infantry ward expected me to believe that this could take on a crusader tank, or better yet still be in use during d-day, now when ever you see this tank in Africa you can totally trash it, but against infantry its still deadly)

Many more but that�s all I can name at the top of my head

Bren clip realistically reduced (it was often topped of to about 28 rounds dued to stoppages)

tweaked mg42 accuracy (realisticaly the mg42 wasn't very accurate


fixed audio for m1garand and thompson

Realistic rates of fire for all weapons

Realistic damage

Realistic weapons loadout (not everyone has a smg, its more realistically equipped)

More Battlechatter (AI talks alot more, adds to the chaos of battle)

More variety in soldiers (more faces for Americans)

Realistic AI (aims straighter and skills coincides with historical accuracy)

Blood mod

Cookable grenades

Realistic reloads for example if the weapon is open bolt, when you reload with a round still

chambered inside it is then added to the reload count

Can't partialy reload Boltaction rifles

and many more than I wish to mention

Bugs: At some points it may cut from the game, go back into the menu and say error scpit something, this isn't game ending or anything, just press esc or click the

ok button and go back into the game, one bug that keeps popping up is when during the elalamin level your allies try to throw grenades at targets

hundreds of feet away, but nothing serious.

Special thanks goes out to WCP for the Allied pain mod/ sounds. Pure genius my man.

If your computer blows up or dies its not my fault, blame Walmart

Any questions or requests just contact me

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