Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
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Hook injector to allow Call of Cthulhu Dark: Corners of the Earth to pick up mods.

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This is the injection hook to get Call of Cthulhu Dark: Corners of the Earth to first check in a mods directory for each file accessed.
It also exports and imports the xml configuration of the game.
You need this for any other mods to work.

The source code, should you prefer to build it yourself, is on github (

On the first run a mods\Settings directory will be created and the xml settings from within the exe will be dumped to the following files:
  • settings.xml
  • LanguageRemap.xml
  • Weapons.xml
  • SoundData.xml
  • PoolSizes.xml
  • MythosRanking.xml
  • MusicData.xml
  • MemoryLayout.xml
  • Materials.xml
  • Levels.xml
  • Journal.xml
  • Inventory.xml
  • DebugUser.xml
  • DebugScripts.xml
  • DebugCulling.xml
  • Cinematics.xml
  • Category0.xml
  • Category1.xml
  • Category2.xml
  • BonusItem.xml
  • BloodSettings.xml
  • AnimSettings.xml
  • AITacticsSettings.xml
  • AISpeedSettings.xml
  • AICharacterTypeSettings.xml
On subsequent runs the files will instead be loaded in.
As the files are loaded into fixed memory areas in the exe you must not exceed the original length of the file.
You can usually remove some comments etc if you need extra space after your changes.
The hook will warn you if you have exceeded the original length and not load the xml in.