Morrowind May Modathon 2021

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It's that time of year again! The Morrowind May Modathon 2021 starts today celebrating 19 years of modding for The Elder Scrolls III. Upload a mod for Morrowind during the month for your chance to win prizes and unlock some special achievements. 

As usual, here are the full details from darkelfguy:

Celebrating Morrowind's 19th anniversary, today I'm announcing the seventh annual Morrowind May Modathon Month Modding Competition, one of the biggest annual modding competitions in The Elder Scrolls modding community, will be returning on May 1st! Once again this year, the Modathon will run throughout the entire month of May, and participating Morrowind mods will have a chance to unlock a number of new achievements, win prizes, and compete to become the ultimate modding champions of 2021!
Last year was one of the biggest years in Morrowind modding in well over a decade, with over 1300 new mods getting released in 2020, and nearly 230 of those were released for last year's Modathon! And this year, we're looking to beat that record! Once again, we have over 70 achievements for modders to unlock, for everything from building an epic dungeon, to writing an invigorating series of quests, to replacing the game's graphics, adding new gameplay effects, and so much more! Unlock as many as you can!
Participation is simple, any Morrowind mod released in May can be entered into the competition, just remember to include a tagline "Part of the May Modathon Month" near the top of your mod's description, or use the Modathon 2021 tag to enter your mod as part of the competition. You'll be automatically entered to potentially win one of our weekly random-drawing prizes, and of course unlock achievements!

Mod your way to fame and glory in the biggest modding event of the year, and help celebrate one of the greatest games ever made! The best games never die, so get out there, have fun, and build a ton of mods to make this great game even better than ever before!

The competition runs from May 1st through to June 1st, and you can find out more about how to participate, along with a complete list of achievements, over on the official announcement thread!

- darkelfguy / Morrowind Modding Showcases

How do I enter?

All you need to do is make sure your mod page is appropriately tagged with "May Modathon 2021" which can be added either from the "Classification" section on your mod details page or by selecting it from the tagging window. Easy peasy!

Entries can be filtered using the site search or by clicking here, if you want to keep track of all the cool new mods that get uploaded during the event.

A big Nexus Mods thank you to darkelfguy for keeping the tradition alive and running these events every year. You truly are a pillar of the community.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Pagafyr
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    I am watching the Morrowind Mod's page.  Keeping watch to see if their mods inspire me to play Morrowind again.  When I get started playing Morrowind I start having to make a new agenda around it so I remember RL and take a game time off.
    1. clydemcelroy1
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      Okay, I probably misunderstood something I read on Reddit about the modathon from the comments. In April, when the announcement was made, people were already commenting they couldn't find their mods on the entries list. So I assumed that even if you released a mod in April, you could enter it. So I entered 2 I made in April and 1 I released in May.

      My May mod is on the list, but not the other 2. SO I assume I assumed wrong about the April mods. Am I right? I should untag the 2 April mods?

      My first modathon. Be gentle.
    2. darkelfguy
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      Ah, to clarify, the Modathon is specifically for mods released between May 1st (at 12:00am GMT, which is technically 7pm April 30th EST) and June 1st (which, due to a 6-hour grace period, is actually June 2nd at 6:00am GMT or 1:00am EST). Mods released before and after that time period aren't eligible to be submitted for the Modathon. Hope that clears things up, and no worries about the misunderstanding, there's usually a little bit of confusion about the exact dates for eligible mods every year.
    3. Pickysaurus
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      I should also point out that my link above does not include a date range, so it's just any mod using the tag. (Although you can apply a date range from the filters) 
  2. fredlaus
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    This is impressive, darkelfguy.
  3. RexusNexus
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    My favorite time of the month!
    Darkelfguy keeping the tradition alive... Absolute legend!
  4. Ladyyblack
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    This sounds great, time to install Morrowind again! Maybe by next years marathon I'll have learned how to mod too so that I can participate^^
  5. Hoopdaddeh
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    Didn't even know this was a thing. It brings me so much happiness to see Morrowind still loved to this day, heck, I am even reinstalling it yet again. Never have finished it, really gotta do that!
  6. Zaldiir
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    Thank you for continuing this, darkelfguy! You really are a beacon of the Morrowind modding community!