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Amiga inspired level

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After eradicating the whole human race on the Earth, the Mothership detected yet another human outpost on an Earth-like planet somewhere in a nearby planetary system. Her decision was simple: "exterminate". Again, you assume the role of Butcher, a single disposable killer drone sent by the Mothership to do the job. This time, expect more than just a mindless slaughter. You will need to find a way through complex mazes, avoid hidden traps, solve problems and find certain items to succeed.

It's only a single level, but an extremely long one. Does it sound hard? It is, but there are checkpoints, so don't worry too much. The experience is truly different to the base game.

The experience is a whole lot different than in the base game.

- Find 5 key cards.

- Optionally find 33 skulls

Installation instructions:

Extract the .zip file contents inside the UserContent folder:
    Windows/Linux: butcher_Data/StreamingAssets/Game/UserContent
    OSX: butcher.app/Contents/Resources/Data/StreamingAssets/Game/UserContent)

"The level was made by Butcher's musician, who obsesses about the game. We - the devs who made the standard levels - are amazed how much it differs from our own work."  - Transhuman Design