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A simple mod which brings back the old billboards and ad vans that were in the original PC version of Burnout Paradise!

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Paradise City Retro Advertising Agency is a simple mod that brings back all the old product placement that was present in the original PC version of Burnout Paradise!

  • Familiar sights! Every original billboard returns. Expect to be reminded of CrashTV and Speak Visual one more time!

  • Old faces! The iconic Gillette and Diesel vans are once again patrolling the streets of Paradise City!

  • Remastered! Every one of these ads has been upscaled to match the resolution of the replacements that came with the vanilla version of BPR.

  • Retro Mode! The original resolution textures are back as well if you like looking at pixels ;) Although I have to admit, they don't look bad lol.

This mod is a port of the advertising that was present in the original PC version of Burnout Paradise.

Therefore, none of the advertising that was unique to the original release of Big Surf Island will be present in this mod since that DLC never released on PC...

If I get access to those files one day, I'll release an update that will include those as well!

This is an unofficial mod for Burnout Paradise Remastered.
Neither Electronic Arts, Criterion Games or Stellar Entertainment were involved in the creation of this mod.
This mod was not created in association with any of the brands/companies represented within this mod. 
This mod was not created with any profit in mind.

This mod was created purely out of love and nostalgia for the original PC release of Burnout Paradise.
This mod is dedicated to all you nostalgia heads out there, looking to relive a bygone era. I hope you're not disappointed.