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Changes English Dub to Original Japanese Voices :)

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This is the same guide I wrote on Steam Guide which got taken down for dumb reason.


In the meantime, I should have uploaded here in the first place, but better late than never. They finally fix adding new games for Nexus Mods!

Exact copy and it should work!!

"Easy Install:

Just extract, copy the "data" folder from "Bullet-Witch\data" folder in this download, then replace all the files of your Bullet Witch installation directory from this patch.

All credits to this author:


Now you can choose to play in both English or Japanese :)

Hitomi Nabatame is voice for Alicia.

Full list of cast:


*Some notes

Just tested this and it works!!

OP in the beginning of the game has been changed to Japanese movie video with Japanese font title. Meaning it's not subbed so don't be alarmed. If someone can subbed the OP with hardsubs would appreciate it. Otherwise it will remain JPN only for now.

Also, I was wondering why the cutscenes were only 20FPS, I'm not sure if it's prerendered cutscenes despite using in-game character models. But it becomes 120FPS in-game so don't be surprise about it. It does have subs so it's really making me wonder why they didn't use the in-game itself to direct cutscenes instead of this lock 20FPS thing. It's not bad, but you will notice once it switches to 120FPS after each cutscenes.

NPC dialogue are in Japanese so no subs when talking in-game. They are pretty much saying what normal NPC stuff say "Thanks for saving me, Why is this happening, I'm going to die etc"

Of course if you know Japanese this should be easy to understand which I'm fortunate to studied for 4 years :)

Other than that it works flawlessly.

Also, recommend you installing Reshade to improve the games colors and bleakness.

Download Reshade, Select Direct 3D9 and pick default with Otis and Legacy Reshaders.


Comparison pics are in the image section ^^