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This mod adds a beach-dwelling Picantis variant that explodes into a new Cheepoof variant among other bugs.

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I noticed while making Snakification Modifications that the Tacroach uses a near-identical texture map to the Preying Picantis, and that the Baja Tacroach texture could therefore be applied to the Picantis, turning it into an interesting-looking blue variant. I decided to modify this texture a bit, putting the Baja Tacroach textures over the taco parts and the Inchwrap texture over the burrito parts, to create a new beach-themed variant of the Picantis.

The Blue Picantis, while spicy, is not fiery and does not need to be 'extinguised' like the desert one. It is best caught by stunning it with the trip shot, but make sure you don't get close enough for it to notice you! If the Blue Picantis notices you it will chase you, and if it gets close enough, it will explode into its component snax. These are the Baja Tacroach, Inchwrap, and the Blue Cheepoof. The Blue Cheepoof behaves like any other Cheepoof, but it can only be spawned by exploding a Blue Picantis. Catching it is fairly simple, but a bit tricky with the aggressive Inchwrap and Minimakis running around.

These two new snax share their models with the respective original variants, therefore this mod is compatible with Snakification Modifications. However, the Blue Picantis will use a grumpus body snakification texture resembling the original unmodded one. Technically so will the Blue Cheepoof but the difference is pretty insignificant.

EDITED 11/6/24
Fixed missing textures caused by an incorrect directory.