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A Bugsnak based on yeast paste spread (Vegemite, Marmite, Promite, etc. but mainly Vegemite) on toast. It lives in the Scorched Gorge and is caught with cheese sauce.

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This mod adds in a new Bugsnak called the Fluttermite. It is a retextured variant of the Flutterjam that lives in the Scorched Gorge and is caught in the same way, but with cheese sauce instead of peanut butter.

The Fluttermite is based on yeast paste spreads like Vegemite, Marmite, or Promite on toast, but is mainly a reference to Vegemite. Lots of people in Australia like to eat Vegemite on toast with cheese, which is why I chose cheese sauce as the Fluttermite's sauce of choice.

I made the textures for this snak by editing the Flutterjam's texture in GIMP to look more like toast, then adding the spread on it as a noise pattern in TextureLab. For the Grumpus body snakification texture I edited the Flutterjam's respective texture in GIMP again, then added a noise texture to it in Blender using material nodes.

This snak shares its models with those of the Flutterjam and is therefore compatible with Snakification Modifications.

Known minor issues:
This Bugsnak is supposed to spawn during the day only but seems to be present at any time. I don't consider it much of an issue though; it just means that the info given by the evidence piles (yeasty goop) is a bit inaccurate.
The Fluttermite uses the Flutterjam's voice. This is more of an intentional compromise due to my lack of a decent microphone and confidence to voice the snak myself :)