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Some shadertweaks see description
plus some tonemaping and lumasharpning

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- description

Broken pieces to a degree an apt title,
regrettably, to the state of the game play mechanics
and technical state of the game.

However firmly placed in the scifi sub genre,
cozy catastrophe, it oozes atmosphere of
desolation think a mix between Alan Wake,
everybody's gone to the rapture and as an
accomplished environment / inventory based
adventure game, it does merit a play through.

shader tweaks with 3dmigoto:

- reduce ambient light over bright environments
- reduce haze interiors alas used inconsistent some locations exterior
- remove lensflares and likely more fx
- reduce bloom
- increase presence skybox
- reduce fog nearby and haze light fixtures
- curve shader (see further tweaking to disable if needed)

The  package has a customized shader 'upscale.hlsl' which
does some fullscreen tweaks as sharpening and color modification.

- install

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install
folder of, broken pieces the folder which contains

- optional install

If you do not like using unverified dll's you can:

Download 3dmigoto from:
download version (64bit) and place
the following dlls in the install dir of
broken pieces
then copy ShaderCache and ShaderFixes from the zip file to the same dir aka folder.

note: if you choose to use the d3dx.ini contained in the github package
make sure to set (line 248):
the default setting is:
which sets 3dmigoto to a debug mode.

Also add at line 19:
include = ShaderFixes\upscale.ini
include = ShaderFixes\curve.ini

- verify

After running the game the folder ShaderFixes should
gradually (scene and level dependent) contain the .bin versions:



This means that the file(s) .txt have been compiled by 3dmigoto (d3d11.dll)

- tested

Tested with version 1.31 of broken pieces
on win 10 (1903) / nvidia 1050gtx ti, See screenshot for settings game.

- performance

3dmigoto gpu usage 1080p@~30fps
without - clock 1746Mhz gpu usage ~99%
with       - clock 1746Mhz gpu usage ~99%
max out in both cases (1050gtx ti on win 10)
max gpu: 1770Mhz gpu usage 100%
capped @30fps fast sync

- further tweaking

If you like you can compare the modified shader, ShaderCache contains
the original shader, to alter values.

The curve shader can be disabled by opening d3dx.ini
in a text editor and altering line 20 from:
include = ShaderFixes\curve.ini
;include = ShaderFixes\curve.ini

To disable specific tweaks open the shader from
the folder 'shaderfixes' with a text editor example:

Has a remark on the top line:
// reduce bloom

So if you do not want that to happen
remove the shader from the folder 'shaderfixes'


and if compiled remove:


then restart the game or press F10.

All shaders <shadernumber>ps_replace.txt have
a similar descriptive remark (see shader list).

- tips

See articles

- shader list

---------- 3AC3A6BB623D4F15-PS_REPLACE.TXT
// reduce ambient light overbright enviroments
// ---- Created with 3Dmigoto v1.3.16 on Sun Jul 02 12:33:05 2023
  // reduce overbright ambient
  // = * 0.1;

---------- 8AD255A8900AD7E9-PS_REPLACE.TXT
// reduce haze interiors alas used inconsistent some locations exterior
// ---- Created with 3Dmigoto v1.3.16 on Thu Jun 29 10:45:36 2023
  // reduce haze

---------- C15057258B320F95-PS_REPLACE.TXT
// remove lensflares and likely more fx
// ---- Created with 3Dmigoto v1.3.16 on Wed Jun 28 20:48:28 2023

---------- C7FB3C6039A97D00-PS_REPLACE.TXT
// reduce bloom
// ---- Created with 3Dmigoto v1.3.16 on Fri Jun 30 10:02:39 2023
  // reduce bloom

---------- DA59E32DB500DCD8-PS_REPLACE.TXT
// increase presence skybox
// ---- Created with 3Dmigoto v1.3.16 on Wed Jun 28 20:11:31 2023
  // increase presence clouds
  // = min(1000.0f, cb0[135].yyy * r0.xyw * r0.xyw);

---------- F6AE038DFE3A643C-PS_REPLACE.TXT
// reduce fog nearby and haze light fixtures
// ---- Created with 3Dmigoto v1.3.16 on Wed Jun 28 19:48:42 2023
  // reduce density haze and fog